The Tunze LED Fixture Marine 8810 is a unique waterproof light for marine and reef saltwater aquariums. It contains a total of 62 LEDs and runs on 14 watts. It is 12\" long and measures less than 1\" wide.

The 2-to-1 white-to-blue LED color ratio produces an approximately 15K color spectrum and a 110° light spread. The light comes with a power supply and an 8' power cable plus a cool magnetic mount.

The magnetic mout is suitable for aquariums with up to ½\" thick glass/acrylic. It allows for mounting in two positions which make the light very versatile. The housing is 100% waterproof and resin sealed. This allows for safe installation close to the water's surface.

Tunze will be releasing the Tunze Multi-Controller 7097 soon which will allow for dimming and timing control of up to four lights per controller.

If you have any questions about Tunze's LED light fixtures, please give us a call at 1-800-566-FISH (3474) or leave us a comment below.

If you are interested in purchasing a Tunze LED light for your aquarium, you can check out the color options, photos and specs on our website: