Hello folks and thanks for tuning in. We are on Episode #5 of our Innovative Marine SR-80 tank build video series and we have some great things in store for this video. We are going to install an automatic top off system, set up a dosing pump and check out some of the awesome new additions to the aquarium.

Over the last few weeks we have stocked the tank pretty heavily with corals. We were lucky enough to get some great donations from some of the Marine Depot staff members. Many of the larger colonies you see here came from my own aquarium which had been growing under the Aquatic Life Experst Series LED light. The Digitata, Millepora, and Birdsnest colonies are all over 3 years old.

As for fish, we have added a pair of Clownfish along with a yellow watchman Goby which came from our previous office aquarium. A Starry Blenny who's personality really brings some excitement into the tank, along with a Cleaner Shrimp and finally the star of the Show \"Precious\". Precious is a 3 year old Atlantic Blue Tang who appears to be excited and happy with her new home.

The tank is now going through a pretty heavy diatom bloom which will help with establishing a stable food chain in the aquarium. Water parameters are staying stable, however, with the addition of all these corals we needed to start adding some supplements to keep up with the tanks demand. This brings me to our next topic, the dosing pump.

We chose the AquaMedic Reefdoser Triple dosing pump which proved to be a great option. Assembling the unit is fairly simple and all of the necessary parts are included. AquaMedic really stresses greasing the tubes to keep them from becoming brittle. I used some silicone airline tubing to carry the additives into our aquarium.

After mounting the dosing pump on the inside of the stand I used the Eshopps magnetic probe holder to hold the tubes in place.

Continuum Aquatics was kind enough to supply the additives of my choice. Since tank is so new and corals are just beginning to grow, I am starting out with only the Continuum Aquatics Reef Sculpture two part calcium and alkalinity supplements. The dosing pump is set to administer about 30mL per day of each solution and I am currently water testing daily in order to monitor the effects on our water chemistry. As time goes on, I will also be using additional Continuum Aquatics supplements to take care of Magnesium and Trace Elements.

When keeping a reef aquarium one of the most important responsibilities is keeping a constant salinity level. As many of us know, topping off your aquarium with freshwater is a daily requirement. Fortunately, some great automatic top off systems are available that automatically top off your aquarium with freshwater.

I chose the Tunze Osmolator 3155 which is widely regarded as one of the best top off systems available. The Tunze ATO system has two sensors that work together to avoid overfill and both sensors can be nicely mounted on this single magnet.

When assembling the unit be sure to route the sensor wires and connect the pump properly as shown here. I mounted the sensor in the center of the pump chamber, then securely fixed the controller inside of the aquarium stand. A plastic 5 gallon jug is being used to hold our top off water; just drop the pump in, apply power, and the top off system is ready to go.

Thank you all for keeping up with our tank build video series and please stay tuned by subscribing to our channel. We are working on getting an Apex system installed and as well as integrating some wireless control into our aquarium and you can expect to see this in the episodes to come. From all of us here at Marine Depot, take care and happy reefkeeping.

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