The SpectraPure MaxCap is one of our best-selling RO/DI systems.

It features a tested TFC membrane with 99% rejection rate. This means you will get 2-3 times more life out of your DI cartridges when compared to most other regular TFC membranes that have a lower rejection rate.

The MaxCap systems also include a High Capacity Silica-Buster DI as well as the High Capacity MaxCap DI cartridge which gives you 4 times more capacity compared to competing DI cartridges as well as helps target silica and phosphate removal. It includes two, double probe TDS meters to let you monitor the performance of the system as well helps you know when the cartridges need to be changed out.

These systems also have a manual flush valve to help extend the life of the TFC membrane as well as a float valve and ASO valve for automated operation.

If you want ultra-pure RO/DI water for your reef tank, the SpectraPure MaxCap RO/DI is one of your best options.