Pioneers of the ZEOvit® System, Korallen-Zucht is a German company that has been successfully breeding stony corals in captivity for more than 20 years. If you're not familiar with the ZEOvit® System, do a Google image search to behold some of the most eye-popping and colorful SPS corals you've seen in your life!

Bavaria-based Korallen-Zucht is one of Europe's biggest coral farmers and retail/wholesale operations. All their coral nutrition, food, media, and pest treatments are developed in-house. They don't just slap their name on somebody else's product. They make this stuff because they want to grow better corals!

Whenever they discover something that truly works, they test it exhaustively in a variety of systems. Then they share it with others to try. By the time one of their signature blue bottles is in your hands, you can rest assured the product inside has been used successfully in a variety of test environments, display aquariums, and propagation operations. If you're looking to take your SPS to the next level, check out today's episode!


Extra special thanks to Thomas Pohl of Korallen Zucht for providing some of the awesome images and footage in this episode.

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