To keep a healthy and thriving aquarium, you MUST have good quality water. The Red Sea Mult-test kits are some of our favorite test kits for monitoring water parameters in a reef tank because they are accurate, easy to use and economical.

The Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit includes individual tests for Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium which are the basic building block elements for coral skeletons. All tests are done via titration to give you accurate results and ensure you are keeping these crucial elements in balanced proportion.

The Algae Control Pro Multi Test kit includes nitrate and phosphate tests which are the two major elements that contribute to the growth of nuisance algae. By keeping these waste parameters in check you can ensure your corals and other aquatic inhabitants are living in a clean environment free of unnecessary waste.

Last but not least they offer the Coral Colors Pro Multi test kit which include high accuracy measurements of iodine, potassium and iron. These elements play an important role in a number of biological processes within your corals including coloration.

All of the kits include detailed and easy-to-follow instructions; a convenient hard storage case is also included to protect the reagents from contamination and neatly house all of the test kit componenets. Because the Multi-test kits include multiple parameters in a single kit; they have a significant savings over buying the test kits individually.

If you are looking for great test kits that are easy to use and economical, take a look at these Red Sea Multi Test kits!



Red Sea Coral Colors Pro I2/K/Fe Multi Test Kit

Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Ca/Alk/Mg Multi Test Kit

Red Sea Algae Control Multi NO3/PO4 Test Kit



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