Thanks for watching. Feeding my aquarium is something I personally look forward to everyday and I am sure many of your hobbyists share the same feelings. Observing the personalities of your fish and witnessing your coral transform into feeding mode is just plain fascinating.

For this video we have an exciting new additive that was just released by Polyp Lab called Polyp Booster! Polyp Booster is an all in one nutritional solution for triggering a feeding response within your corals. It will also provide essential building blocks that your corals need to grow and thrive.

Polyp Booster is a mixture of 18 Amino Acids and 12 fatty acids which will promote excellent pigmentation and growth within your corals. It works great in conjunction with the Polyp Lab Reef Roids or pretty much any type of prepared coral foods.

When using Polyp Booster you will simply want to add the liquid directly into your aquarium in an area of high flow. Within about 30 seconds it will trigger a feeding response in all kind of aquarium inhabitants including corals, fish, and invertibrates. This feeding response is easy to see within your corals as you will notice spontaneous polyp extension or the exposure of feeding tentacles depending on the type of corals.

It is not necessary to spot feed the product as the corals will slowly absorb the nutrients from your aquarium water while the triggered feeding response is almost immediate.

Once the feeding response has been witnessed, you can then proceed to feed your corals and fish as normal. Here we have a mixture of Polyp Lab Reef Roids and the Rods Reef Coral Blend.

By spot feeding your corals directly you can ensure each coral gets a hefty dose of food and help reduce competition between the corals. Furthermore, it will cut down on waste in your aquarium by reducing the amount of leftover foods. When dosing Polyp Booster prior to feeding, you will ensure the corals are willing and ready to accept the food getting the most out of each feeding.

You can view the Polyp Lab Polyp Booster via the link below.