Natural water values are the key to the success of every aquarium. However, it is frequently very difficult to monitor the relevant parameters, especially in the case of seawater.

Now, with the new Nyos Water Tests, highly precise test sets are available in laboratory quality. The entire test series has been adapted especially to the specific nature of measurements in seawater. All Nyos water tests are subject to strict batch and quality control and prior to delivery, they are calibrated under laboratory conditions by salt water standard according to DIN standard. This guarantees extremely precise and above all reproducible measurements.

Each test set comes as a BIG PACK with at least 100 tests as standard and therefore has a high yield.

- Highly precise aquarium test sets in laboratory quality

- Specially adapted to measurements in seawater

- Big Pack with at least 100 tests

- Constant batch and quality controls

- Calibrated by salt water standard according to DIN standard

- Precise and reproducible measurement results

Check Out the NYOS Nitrate Professional Test Kit: