NYOS Artemis is a liquid plankton concentrate that contains Artemia Salina, a type of Brine Shrimp that provides an excellent source of nutrition for your fish and corals. The high quality raw material is packaged carefully to retain nutritional value throughout the life of the product.

You can feed NYOS Artemis directly into your aquarium or target feed using a bulb syringe to help reduce food waste and ensure your entire tank is getting the food they need. Turning off your pumps and powerheads during feeding will help reduce food waste and the concentrated formula can easily be mixed into any regular aquarium feeding.

The addition of garlic helps entice the most finicky fish in your tank and strengthens immune systems.

When used in conjunction with NYOS Goldpods and Chromys, these easy to use liquids offer a well-balanced, mess-free alternative to frozen foods.

Artemia type brine shrimp have been used for decades in aquaculture, research and ornamental fish breeding so do your fish a favor and start feeding like a pro with NYOS Artemis.




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