Kessil Spectral Controller:

The Spectral Controller is simplifying light control with intuitive touch controls and a crisp, full color display.

The Kessil Spectral Controller is designed for use with all Kessil A360 LED fixtures. A fully functional electronic controller for Kessil LED Aquarium lights that allows you to independently control two banks of Kessil LEDs. Features a brightly colored LCD screen with touch sensitive controls. The easy to use software allows for custom spectral/color control as well as intensity. You can also program custom time schedules allowing you to create a natural dawn to dusk photo-period in your aquarium.


- Bright LCD screen

- Touch sensitive navigation buttons

- Magnetic mounting plate

- Control and program color spectrum, intensity and time schedules

- Intuitive and easy to use software


- Controller

- Magnetic Back Plate

- Power Adaptor

- 6 ft long Micro USB Cable

- 6ft long 3.5 mm Unit Link Cable

- 2 x Mounting Screws and Nylon Anchors

Kessil Spectral Controller: