If you’re like us, we like to spend our time enjoying our reef, not struggling to understand complicated LED programming. The new Ramp Timer Pro from Current USA takes LED lighting control to a new level, and by new level, we mean easier.

The Ramp Timer Pro is more than an on-off timer. The idea behind “ramping” is the gradual increase and decrease in lighting intensity and color changes. Sudden lighting changes are unnatural and can startle marine life.

The Ramp Timer Pro model gives you control over two lighting channels for color and intensity control plus a programmable on-off timer function. You’ll be able to simulate natural sunrise, sunset, fading moonlight, passing cloud cover, lightning storms and moonlight.

The 32-key remote provides full control of functions and programming, and even gives you “on-demand” control of lighting pre-sets with just a push of a button. The buttons are clearly labeled.

The timer comes with four presets:

- M1 provides 10-hours of full intensity lighting

- M3 is a 12-hour full intensity program

- M2 is a dimmed 60% intensity coral acclimation program

- M4 is a coral acclimation program that brings the intensity up to 80%

The Ramp Pro system can be used right out of the box or you can create your own custom programs all while sitting in your favorite chair!

The Ramp Pro Timer works with select Current LED fixtures as well as other 12-24 volt LED lighting systems.

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