AquaMaxx in-sump protein skimmers are built using exceptional cell-cast acrylic, bubble plates and easily adjustable riser tubes. They are rated for aquariums 100-300 gallons yet are thin enough to be concealed in a sump underneath your aquarium.

AquaMaxx in-sump protein skimmers remove organic waste from aquarium water. They create a strong mix of small air bubbles and turbulent water movement to force protein, waste and other materials into a collection cup for easy removal.

AquaMaxx in-sump protein skimmers are easy to setup and maintain. Just twist the knob counter clockwise at the top of the riser pipe to adjust the foam level to wet or dry.

Maintenance is simple. A removable collection cup makes cleaning easy. Plus, every AquaMaxx protein skimmer includes a drain fitting for hobbyists who want to setup a separate reservoir for skimmate. A silencer located at the top of the riser tube eliminates noise from the venturi.

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