Matthew takes some to answer some of the most basic, entry-level questions to kick off a brand new Beginner's Guide To Saltwater and Reef Aquariums. Use the time stamps listed below to jump to the questions you are most curious about. 

0:02:41 Are saltwater aquariums more difficult than freshwater aquariums?

0:04:10 I don't have much money... Can I set up a saltwater aquarium?

0:05:54 How do I clean and sterilize old equipment?

0:07:33 What equipment is essential for a saltwater aquarium?

0:08:13 What's the weekly time commitment?

0:09:48 What are the ongoing costs for maintaining a saltwater tank?

0:11:24 Arecorals and saltwater fish expensive?

0:12:41 Are corals and saltwater fish difficult to keep?

0:13:46 How many fish can I put in a saltwater aquarium?

0:16:11 What is the difference between anemones, corals. & macroalgae?

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