Red Sea Coral Pro salt Mix 20kg, 160 gallon box
Select the red box for Coral Pro

Red Sea salt needs no introduction and is one of the most used aquarium salt brands in the world. Available in two types, Red Sea Salt and Coral Pro have traditionally only been available in buckets, but now they’ve introduced a 20.1kg, ultra-compact cardboard box for those who don’t want or need the plastic bucket and will use it straight from the box or to top up their existing Red Sea salt bucket.

Red Sea salt Mix 20kg box 160 gallon
And the blue for standard Red Sea

The formulas remain exactly the same with the standard salt being good for low nutrient, SPS, those who want natural seawater levels and those who want colour, while the Coral Pro with its much higher KH, Calcium and Magnesium will appeal to those who like high alkalinity and favour growth. Look for the blue box if wanting standard Red Sea, and Red if you want Coral Pro, and it will hopefully help contribute to less plastic ending up in the ocean.