Abyzz AFC1200 IPU flow pump
Weapons grade powerhead engineering from Abyzz

Premium pump manufacturer Abyzz has been teasing pictures and video of their largest flow pump the AFC1200. With a maximum output of 550,000lph/145,000gph its three times more powerful than a Hydro Wizard ECM 75 and nearly 10 times more powerful than a Tunze Masterstream 6560. It produces that torrent of water for only 1200 watts - that’s 120gph of water output per watt of electricity.


Abyzz AFC1200IPU running in a public aquarium
The wave pump of choice for big budget public aquaria

Aimed at huge public aquaria like shark tanks its made up of the best quality components including a titanium rotor unit, titanium mounting frame and carbon fiber parts for the ultimate in durability and longevity in the harshest of saltwater environments, but I’d like to see it used in freshwater displays too, producing the ultimate in riverine environments for freshwater fish which really appreciate strong laminar flow.

A point and shoot 145,000gph pumping solution

It can shoot out water at a maximum discharge speed of 13 feet per second and Abyzz even had a guy trying his best to swim against it in a testing pool. 

Physically this is a huge pump but it comes with all the features you would expect from much smaller models including a variable speed range from 0-100%, programmable flow patterns like wave and random mode, and an unrivaled 10-year guarantee. 

All this performance and build quality does come at a price, and this model will cost you a cool 16,000 euros/ $19,000. But if Batman did aquarium pumps, I'm pretty sure he'd be running an AFC1200IPU.

A pump big enough to exercise you and your fish