Maxspect carbon fiber coral tweezers
Rust proof and they float too

Tweezers are popular in the aquascaping community but the problem with stainless steel tweezers is that they rust when used in saltwater. By contrast, most reefers only have large cumbersome grabbers on offer, until now. Aquatic tech company Maxspect has solved this problem by producing tweezers for reef tanks made from actual Carbon Fiber, famous for its high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, and high chemical resistance. 

At 14” they enable a long reach down into any reef tank and the fine, silicone-coated tips allow precise lifting and placement even of delicate coral frags without harming them, (according to the manufacturer,) and if you drop them, their neutral buoyancy means they’ll float just below the surface for easy retrieval.

The carbon fiber and neutral buoyancy represent a double evolution in tweezers that offers an improvement on the status quo not just for reefers but aquascapers and the freshwater community too. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with a pair and trying them out...