AquaMaxx DFC-280 DC internal protein skimmer
The new DFC range from AquaMaxx

Marine equipment brand AquaMaxx has added another skimmer line to its range, the DFC. Available in four models for tanks from 70 to 420 gallons the DFC range includes a DC pump with a new impeller and controller, gate valve adjustment, and an adjustable air silencer offering the user three ways to adjust air and water flow, and the ability to get water level in the collar and dryness of skimmate just to their liking.

The skimmer itself looks good with typical wine glass shaped cone, white, blue and yellow livery, with a visible, orange impeller. Gate valves are this author’s personal choice in skimmer height adjustment and the bubble diffuser plate comes fitted with dozens more mini wine glass cones to further increase contact time and pull more protein.

AquaMaxx DFC-280 protein skimmer close up
DC pump, gate valve, wide air hose and cones within cones.

The skimmer cup comes with an oh so useful handle for removal with wet hands (we’ve all been there,) and there’s a drain hose on the skimmer cup for if you need extended periods between emptying. 

AquaMaxx’s makers say they have got the footprint down to as small as they can get it while still being big enough to perform, and the skimmer and can pump can be taken apart for maintenance. In a sea of pretty similar DC protein skimmers, this range’s comparable features but low price point make it worthy of consideration


AquaMaxx DFC protein skimmer showing adjustable air silencer
The air silencer offers extra fine adjustment