Waterbox Peninsula Mini

Prolific aquarium company Waterbox has added another model to their extensive range. Named the Peninsula Mini, it comes in 15 and 25-gallon sizes, and with or without an AI Prime lighting package.

If it’s a popular size or style of marine aquarium, you can bet Waterbox will either have it or will launch it in the future, and nano peninsula style tanks like those from Fluval and Innovative Marine are popular with reefers around the world. 

Peninsulas offer viewing from three sides and there’s something particularly alluring about viewing your reef against a clear backdrop. The two models are 20” and 24” long and come with  filter sock, filter media, return pump, Starfire glass and leveling mat as standard.

Side by side comparison

The filter box itself is black glass, not acrylic, and there is room inside for a reactor or (we hope,) a small protein skimmer (not included). Freshwater lighting packages are also available.

With few styles left that Waterbox hasn’t conquered, this author predicts a WB Drop-off launch in the future to complete the portfolio.