Reef Factory is a new marine tech enterprise producing smart devices for reef aquariums. Its product line-up includes LED lighting, dosing pump, heater control, level control, and others, with the main feature being that all are controlled via Wi-Fi on an app, and none have to be plugged into a main brain as they are autonomous. 

Straight to Wi-Fi lights and dosers already exist, but it was the Wi-Fi TDS meter that caught my attention. Straight out of the box it does exactly as you would expect it does - reads the TDS on in and out RO feeds. But unlike any other TDS meter I’ve ever seen, you can set parameters like a TDS of 5 for example, and when its reached, the device will notify you on your phone that your RO cartridges need changing. 

This is a great early warning system that you place right at the very start of your reef system - the source water - and heavy RO users like Frag farms and an LFS will all benefit from not only knowing their TDS, but being prompted when it starts to creep up so they can take action. 

I’m a big believer in creating the best possible source water as everything in your reef system stems from that. This clever device should help prevent your RO water quality from deteriorating without you knowing.