The roller filter revolution continues as the first rollers produced to fit straight into popular aquarium lines start to appear. The AquaMaxx AF-RS170 roller is designed to fit and replace the filter sock on the Red Sea Reefer 170 aquarium, allowing owners to permanently remove the stock filter sock and obligatory hand-cleaning with it, in favour of an automatically winding filter fleece. No fittings are required and you don’t have to remove any glass baffles.

Roller filters remove all fine particles quickly and efficiently, winding them up and out, above the water. By doing that, waste doesn’t further break down adding to nitrates, phosphates and potential algae issues further down the line and the system runs a lot cleaner all round.

Although socks have been the go-to reef mechanical filter for two decades now, cleaning is laborious and once dirty a sock never performs like it did when it was new. Add the frequency of blocking, which can be daily in some circumstances, and many reefers who change to roller technology rarely if ever go back.

We welcome the release of this simple but effective upgrade and can’t help thinking we’ll be seeing more and more of these automated sock replacement solutions in the future. 

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