About the Owner

Reefing interesed me from an early age due to me living in Tropical areas because my dad was a professional diver and often used to bring me interesting things or stories. I started reefing around 20 years ago, back in the days of Tufa Rock and Undergravel Filters, where you were lucky to keep a tube worm alive for longer than 6 weeks. Back then it was all about the fish for me, with very little information for corals.

After quite a few glass boxes with rusting metal lids and External/Undergravel Filters I found the Red Sea range of tanks. I decided I should stop killing corals the first step was to get a good understanding of what they needed. At around the same time decent affordable lighting and better coral information was becoming readily available online. I spent many hours using the search function on forums but the thing that really made me understand what corals need to flourish was the Red Sea Reef Care Program. As soon as I had my head around the basics it all seemed to fall into place. I now had the confidence to splash out on more valuable corals. The corals grew so fast I quickly upgraded from a Red Sea 130 to a Red sea 250 before arriving at this Red Sea S-Max 650.

-Liam Lovatt