We get to see a lot of interesting protein skimmer designs but one of the brands that always seems to stand out is AquaMaxx. A combination of innovative features and economical pricing is the hallmark of the AquaMaxx skimmer line.

The FC-series is a perfect example of forward-thinking design that offers real benefits to reef aquarists. The FC skimmers come in four sizes that handle reef tanks up to 240 gallons. Every aspect of the FC series has been carefully thought through to create a great skimmer that is effective and dependable.

The heart of FC protein skimmers is the water pump, performing double duty by mixing water and air into the skimmer body. All FC skimmers use high-quality Sicce Shark pumps modified for each skimmer model, to create the ideal water flow and bubble production. The water pump is located inside the skimmer to reduce the footprint and directly inject water and bubbles into the skimmer body.

AquaMaxx FC-280 In-Sump Protein Skimmer FC-Series skimmers are outfitted with reliable Sicce pumps and bubble plates with AquaMaxx's proprietary conical diffusers.

AquaMaxx outfitted the FC skimmers with a unique bubble diffuser plate that directs the bubble stream into the smooth one-piece "wine glass" acrylic body for maximum contact time while minimizing inefficient turbulence. You'll have an easy time setting up and adjusting the skimmate. The adjustable air silencer lets you fine-tune the amount of air injected into the skimmer. The slim gate valve never clogs and makes adjusting water height a breeze. The skimmer cup has a handle that makes removal quick and secure, even with wet hands!

Let's look at each model and see which FC protein skimmer is right for you! We've even made some "pairing" suggestions with Red Sea brand aquariums. The FC-series looks nice inside Trigger Systems Sapphire and IceCap sumps with their complimentary blue color accents.

AquaMaxx FC-80 In-Sump Protein Skimmer FC-80

AquaMaxx FC-80
The FC-80 is a great protein skimmer for just about any small to mid-sized reef tank. We like to use this model in reef tanks around 70 gallons for maximum water quality in tanks containing all types of corals. The small footprint and slim gate valve make this a perfect retrofit or small-sump skimmer. Rubber feet help silence vibrations and keep the skimmer in-place.

Rating: 140 gallons (light bioload) – 70 gallons (heavy bioload)
Height: 18.8", requires 1/2" clearance to remove the skimmer cup
Footprint: 8.0" x 7.0"
Water Pump: Custom SICCE Shark 1.0
Power Consumption: 11 watts

Pair With: Red Sea Reefer 170Red Sea Reefer 250IceCap 15 Reef Sump

AquaMaxx FC-120 In-Sump Protein Skimmer FC-120

AquaMaxx FC-120
The FC-120 is recommended for reef tanks around 100 gallons. It will fit into many sumps and is a great retrofit on existing filtration systems. The SICCE water pump is quiet and uses little power to drive the skimmer. Once you dial-in the FC-120 using the gate valve and silencer, you won’t have to keep making adjustments. Just sit back and watch it work!

Rating: 190 gallons (light bioload) – 100 gallons (heavy bioload)
Height: 20.5", requires 1/2" clearance to remove the skimmer cup
Footprint: 6.8" x 8.3"
Water Pump: Custom SICCE Shark 1.2
Power Consumption: 16 watts

Pair With: Red Sea Reefer 350,  Trigger Systems Sapphire 26" SumpIceCap 24 Reef SumpIceCap 30 Reef Sump

AquaMaxx FC-180 In-Sump Protein Skimmer FC-180

AquaMaxx FC-180
This skimmer looks great in the Trigger Sapphire and IceCap sumps. Looks matter, but don't worry. The FC-180 is a workhorse equipped with the Shark 2.0 pump. It will quietly and consistently produce the skimmate you’re looking for to keep your coral reef thriving.

Rating: 250 gallons (light bioload) – 130 gallons (heavy bioload)
Height: 23.2", requires 1/2" clearance to remove the skimmer cup
Footprint: 9.4" x 7.5"
Water Pump: Custom SICCE Shark 2.0
Power Consumption: 22 watts

Pair With: Red Sea Reefer 350, Red Sea Reefer 450Trigger Systems Sapphire 34" Sump, Trigger Systems Sapphire 20" Cube, IceCap 36XL Reef Sump

AquaMaxx FC-280 In-Sump Protein Skimmer FC-280

AquaMaxx FC-280
For large reef aquariums, the FC-280 uses a taller 24” skimmer body and powerful Shark 3.0 water pump that uses a modified needle wheel impeller. This heavy-duty skimmer has a large collection cup that makes maintenance easy. If you’ve got a big reef you need a potent protein skimmer that is dependable and trouble-free. The FC-280’s unique diffuser plate will maximize organics removal for pristine reef water and healthy, vibrant corals. The AquaMaxx FC-280 is a rock-solid performer!

Rating: 420 gallons (light bioload) – 240 gallons (heavy bioload)
Height: 24", requires 1/2" clearance to remove the skimmer cup
Footprint: 11" x 9.4"
Water Pump: Custom SICCE Shark 3.0
Power Consumption: 27 watts

Pair With: Red Sea Reefer 625 XXL, Red Sea Reefer 650, Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL, Trigger Systems Sapphire 39" Sump, IceCap 48XL Reef Sump