The AquaMaxx Prism LED fixture is a refreshing combination of simplicity and powerful reef lighting at an affordable price. The first thing you’ll notice is the ultra-thin fixture. It’s less than half an inch thick and sits on top of the aquarium with these two supports.  Notice that there’s no cooling fan. Heat is dissipated through the one-piece aluminum body, which acts as a passive radiator. There’s no noise to distract you while relaxing in front of your reef.

Prism LED

Everything about the AquaMaxx Prism is designed to keep your focus on the beautiful tank below, not on the light above the aquarium. But this is more than just a pretty housing.  It’s what’s inside that really matters for reef-keeping.  Every Prism fixture is packed with a full complement of White, Warm White, Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Green and UV LEDs. This strip light packs a potent punch that will keep your corals thriving.

You can set sunrise, midday, sunset, and night along with light intensity for each set point. The Prism gives you full control over the gradual sunrise, sunset, moonlight and even thunderstorms! You can dial in 10K white, 14K blue/white, 20K heavy blue or your own custom color.  We really like the simple two-button, cord-mounted controller. Just scroll through the menu, make your selections and programming is finished. You can even lock it down to prevent accidental changes.  The AquaMaxx Prism gives you all the basic controls you want with the power you need to keep your reef thriving all in a sleek fixture at an affordable price!