Tunze has been manufacturing and supplying the aquarium industry with some very reliable and unique products since 1960.  The Controllable Turbelle pumps are perhaps to most notable Tunze products and still remain to be one of the best internal powerheads you can use inside of your aquarium because they are well built and will withstand the test of time inside of a saltwater aquarium.

Tunze has recently released an exciting new electronic controller that harnesses the power of modern technology to provide a central control platform for your Tunze Turbelle Stream pumps and many other Tunze aquarium products. Stay tuned to get a full tour of the new Tunze Smartcontroller 7000, learn how to set it up, and see for yourself how it performs on one of our office reef tanks.

The Tunze Smartcontroller 7000 allows you to connect and control all of your electronic Turbelle pumps without the need of additional equipment.  You can also connect and control Tunze LEDs, switching sockets, and valves via a simple web interface or the on-board touchpad. You will also be able to monitor and regulate temperature, pH, and ORP all from this single device.

The controller features four 3 n 1 connector ports to plug your Turbelle pumps, LEDs, sockets or valves.  The controller includes a temperature sensor as well as a BNC connector for a single pH or ORP probe.

Using the Smartcontroller for your Turbelle pumps opens the door to a variety of functionalities including a wave generator, feed mode, night mode, storm mode, interval mode, and pulse mode.  In the past, getting all of this functionality synced together with multiple pumps required a few different devices and was much more difficult to implement.  Now, you can easily access and manage all of your Tunze Pumps and Waveboxes from this single controller.

We hooked up the Tunze Smartcontroller 7000 to the two Turbelle 6055 in our office Drop Off tank.  We went through the onboard digital display and settings.  With four button control you do have the ability to set just about everything right from the display but it is a bit time consuming and thankfully you can also program everything from a user friendly web page as well.

Getting connected to the controller from a computer was quick and simple; upon applying power to the Smartcontroller a hotspot will be created.  You can then connect directly to the Smartcontroller 7000 hotspot and then access the Smartcontroller web page via your browser.

If you wish to gain access to the controller from an external internet connection, you can also integrate into your home Wi-Fi network which does take a few extra steps and can be a bit complicated for those of us who are not so tech savvy.  Tunze has done a great job outlining the WIFI connection procedures via the user manual which is available on our website or Tunze.com.

We really liked how easy it is to program and set the pumps via the web page interface. All of the programing tools are easy to understand and give you options without the need to enter any sort of language or code.

It may take a moment to get used to some of the terminology used and I found it really helpful to read through the manual before attempting to set it up.

It was really useful to be able to fine tune the flow rates and sync the pumps together in our aquarium.  This drop off style tank does pose a particular challenge in terms of getting substantial flow to all areas of the tank without creating a sandstorm.  With the use of the two pumps synced together I was able to achieve a very dynamic flow pattern in the aquarium.  The night mode and feed mode are also really convenient to create a natural environment in the tank and reduce food waste.

The built-in memory will save all of your settings in the event of a power failure. You can also Connect the Tunze safety connector for connection with a battery which will then keep your pumps running in the event of power loss.

Connecting the Tunze LEDs will allow you to program a daily schedule including a moonlight schedule.  You can also set up a “Season” which is basically setting the total intensity of your lights over the course of a year with a set point each month.

Real time monitoring of critical pH or Redox Potential and temperature allows you to keep a close eye on these critical parameters. You can then program a switchable socket or valve based on these parameters to control equipment such as your heater, calcium reactor, or ozone generator.

The ability to connect and control the Tunze switchable sockets and valves means this controller could potentially control much of the equipment on your aquarium.  While this feature is not as easy to implement as the other comprehensive aquarium controllers, you still have access to some amazing control power from a single interface that is totally modular.  So you only need to purchase the components you need for your particular set up.

Tunze has published a couple of firmware updates at his point and you will want to ensure that you download and install the updates from Tunze.com.  This way you can take full advantage of all the features this controller has to offer such as the LogBook which was the latest addition to the Smartcontroller web interface.  Here you can enter all of the critical parameters for your aquarium to keep and save a record and even take notes!

For fans of Tunze Pumps and aquarium products, the Smartcontroller 7000 is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment from Tunze to date.  Feel free to contact our support team directly for fast and friendly support if you have questions or simply want to talk tank.