The Current USA Loop is a complete system that allows you to network together LED lights, power heads, and other accessories and control them from a single interface.  The greatest benefit of this system is that it allows you to easily sync both lighting and water flow at an affordable price using a very user friendly controller.

The Current USA loop system includes the new and more powerful Orbit IC LED lights, eFlux wave pumps, and the eFlux DC water pump that will be available soon.




All of these components can be connected to a single controller that allows you to sync and control each one making it much easier to achieve optimal reef tank conditions without the hassle of using a 3rd party controller or WiFi modules.




A convenient feature not found on similar systems is the handheld infrared remote which allows you to quickly make changes to any one of the components from the comfort of your couch.  They also have plans to release an App that allows you to control the entire system with your smartphone or tablet via an up gradable Bluetooth dongle!

The Orbit IC LED light is a slim profile high output LED strip light that provides full spectrum lighting with full color control and programmable time schedules.  It can produce amazing weather affects as well as dawn/dusk and moonlighting options. What we especially liked is the rolling thunderstorm effect. The Orbit IC lights feature spherical 90 degree lenses on each diode which blends and spreads the LED light to achieve a beautiful output.



The eFlux Wave pumps come in three different models which provide flow rates up to 2100 GPH making the system suitable for both small and large tanks and can accommodate aquariums up to 5/8” thick.  They are magnetically mounted to your aquarium and include a swivel bracket to get directional water flow into the areas you need it.  The pumps offer x4 different operational modes which are Wave Pulse, Steady Stream, Surge and feed mode.

The final Current USA Loop accessory is the eFlux DC water pump that will be available soon. From what we’ve seen at trade shows, these pumps will be very quiet and energy efficient. The coolest part about the Current USA DC pump is the ability to integrate and control the pump using the IC controller.




All three components are connected to a central controller using the IC manifolds.  These manifolds give you the ability to connect multiple lights and pumps to the central IC Controller.  The IC controller is the brains of the operation where you set the colors and time schedules of your lighting and set the pump speeds and modes.  You can then sync all of them to work together to achieve a very natural like environment in your reef tank.

It is nice to see a comprehensive controllable system for lighting and water flow available at a reasonable price.

-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!