The most exciting upgrade is the new HEI Optics which stands for Hemispherical Edge Illumination which dramatically improves light distribution and coverage.  The unique lens blends the light in such a way that eliminates the hot spot directly beneath the LED cluster.  Instead, the light is evenly distributed over a larger area which results in better color blending and wider coverage.

The GEN4 Radion fixtures will continue to be compatible with the Apex WXM module so you can continue to control your Radions through your Apex Controller system as well as the robust EcoSmart live platform.

As expected, the LED chips have also been updated. On the PRO models, Yellow has been replaced with higher-output warm-white diodes, Hyper Red has been replaced with a more natural Photo Red and the “near-UV” Indigo chip has been replaced with actual UV diodes. Using top-bin diodes from CREE, OSRAM and Semi-led, the Gen 4 Radion provides more output and a wider spectrum of color than ever before.

Another welcome upgrade is the new heatsink design.  The surface area of the heatsink has been maximized to cool the LED diodes more efficiently.  This means the integrated cooling fan does not have to work as hard to keep the LEDs within an acceptable temperate rand and ultimately quieter operation.

Both Pro models have been boosted with extra power as well.  The XR15w Pro now operates at a maximum of 95 watts and the XR30w Pro went from 170 watts to an impressive 190 watts.

With all these improvements, you can expect more even lighting over your aquarium, better coloration and a wider spectrum for your corals.  Not to mention a quieter operating fixture that makes for less distraction and more room to enjoy your tank. After seeing the new GEN4 Radions we are sure these fixtures will stay at the front of the pack and will continue to be the go to light fixture for hobbyists looking for the best in LED lighting.