I had been searching for a tank to use as a downsize from my CADLights 34G Mini II and ran across the new line of AquaMaxx rimless aquariums. I wanted to downsize into something that was simple and low maintenance, while still having the sleek lines of a low iron, rimless aquarium.

When I first saw a picture of the 12L version, I knew I just had to give one a try!

To compliment it, I also decided to try out the new LED light that AquaMaxx had released that they are calling the NemoLight.  I’m glad I did as they are a beautiful combo for someone who wants something that is simple and sleek.

Marine Depot did an amazing job with packaging. Both the light and aquarium arrived professionally packaged and flawless.

The individual packaging of the NemoLight from AquaMaxx was also quite pleasing. 

The new AquaMaxx line of rimless aquariums are simply breath taking. They utilize low iron glass for superb clarity to enhance the viewing of your livestock. This coupled with silicone lines are comparable to some of the best that I have seen from much more expensive brands on the market, provide a superb quality aquarium that can be used to create a blissful environment for you livestock.

AquaMaxx has also done a great job of adding a nice little touch of branding that is classy, but unobtrusive at the same time.

The NemoLight compliments the aquarium very well by providing very sleek lines for an aquarium light that do not take away from the appeal of the rimless aquarium.

It has very simple controls and delivers with a professional looking light spectrum that I cannot wait to get some coral under.
White 100%, Blues 0%

White 0%, Blues 100%

White 100%, Blues 100%

Final Thoughts

AquaMaxx’s new rimless aquariums and NemoLight products both add a new layer of completion to the Nano Reefing category of aquarium keeping. The rimless aquariums truly shine as a competitively priced option that competes with the likes of ADA and Mr. Aqua.

The NemoLight is perfect for beginners or someone that wants a simple to use LED light for a shallow lagoon style aquarium. I look forward to bringing you Part 2 of this article, where I will be getting this tank wet and transferring over my livestock to see how it performs in a real world application.

Stay Tuned!

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I have been in the reefing hobby since 2014 and it has become quite a passion for me. Coming from a technical background as an engineer, I really enjoy the technological aspect of the hobby, as well as the technicality that it requires to keep such a fragile ecosystem thriving. I also enjoy involving both of my son's in the hobby. While my youngest at 1 year may be a little too young to understand everything, he very much loves gazing into the tank while sitting on my lap. My 6 year old, however, has become quite the fish and coral enthusiast! I look forward to many, many more enjoyable years in the hobby, with both my tanks and my kids.