MJ pumps, an abbreviation for the classic "maxi-Jet powerhead", may be the most versatile pump in the aquarium hobby. Over the years, we have seen this style of pump produced by a variety of different brands. Today, the Marineland Maxi-Jet and NEWA Powerheads are your best options. 

We've found so many helpful ways to use these pumps at home and around the office that we decided to put together a list of our Top 10 favorite ways to use MJ pumps to show you just how awesome and versatile these little pumps can be!

1.) Mixing water for water changes
The excellent build quality of MJ pumps stands up to the abrasiveness of salt very well.

2.) Transfering water during water changes
The largest 1200 models can move water up to nearly 6 vertical feet, which makes them the perfect cure for pushing water into your display. 

3.) Powering media reactors
The slower flow rate of the smaller MJ 400 is perfect for many GFO/carbon media reactors and the larger MJ 1200 can be used for biopellet reactors.

4.) Feed pumps for external protein skimmers
The reliability of the pumps makes them great for these applications. Just set it and forget!

5.) DIY kalkwasser reactors/calcium reactors
Here's where the quality comes into play again. MJ pumps handle abrasiveness and particulates better than just about any other aquarium water pump.

6.) Blowing detritus out of rocks in your aquascape
The small size and focused outlet make them very easy to work with. Just point and shoot!

7.) Return pump for smaller aquariums
The small size and ability to handle pressure make MJ pumps a great choice for smaller systems.

8.) Aerator for fish-only systems
The venturi attachment and flare outlet nozzle work extremely well to inject air into the water to aerate the aquarium. This helps to provide oxygen and raise pH in freshwater or fish-only marine systems.

9.) Water circulation inside an aquarium (and with a wavemaker!)
MJ pumps handle being turned on and off very well. Since classic wavemakers turn pumps on and off frequently to produce waves and randomized currents, MJ pumps work extremely well for this application.

10.) Pump for ATO systems
Nobody likes it when their ATO pump fails. MJ pumps are the perfect solution for ATO systems that accept an AC pump. This frequent on/off and the short running time controlled by the ATO is very hard on a pump. Due to the quality of the motor and the tight variance of production, MJ pumps are extremely dependable and handle this job extremely well.