We are extremely excited to introduce you to the all-new Marine Depot KleanWater RO and RO/DI filter systems exclusively available now at MarineDepot.com.

With several different systems available from 4 to 6 stages, you are sure to find the perfect filter to fit any budget and performance level.

Marine Depot's KleanWater Series are proudly built right here in the U.S.A. and are designed specifically with aquarium use in mind. The best thing about these systems are that they are ultra-affordable—in fact, they are the most economical line of reverse osmosis water filter systems currently available on our website.

Yet even with the super-low pricing, there have been zero compromises made in the quality and performance of these units. We are using U.S. made TFC membranes that feature ultra-high rejection rates to create the purest water possible. Our  high-capacity carbon block filter cartridge lasts 4 times longer than standard carbon block filters and is also capable of removing chloramine. The DI cartridges in our KleanWater systems have "Nuclear Grade" DI resin to help remove every last bit of nitrate and phosphate from your tap water.

All KleanWater reverse osmosis systems use standard-size cartridges so you can easily find replacement filters. Quick-disconnect fittings are used throughout the entire system, which makes installation and maintenance fast and easy. Plus, when you purchase a RO or RO/DI system at Marine Depot, you will automatically receive 15% off all your replacement sediment filters, carbon filters, DI cartridges and membranes FOR LIFE (learn more).

Whether you are interested in mixing your own saltwater at home or would like to upgrade your reverse osmosis system without breaking the bank, our new KleanWater RO and RO/DI filter systems are sure to impress. We've been developing these systems for quite some time and are super excited to get them into the homes of hobbyists around the world. We are confident they will exceed your expectations and perform well even in the most demanding situations.

If you want clean water in your aquarium, Marine Depot KleanWater reverse osmosis systems are a great place to start. Contact our aquarium experts today and we'll be happy to help you choose a system that fits your budget and goals.

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Until next time... take care and happy reef keeping.

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