Our Featured Tank series has been a big hit so today we have another awesome aquarium to share with you!

In this episode, we take a close look at a 300 gallon mixed reef aquarium with one of the most impressive and diverse population of fish we have ever seen in a home aquarium.

The owner is a self-proclaimed fish collector named Matt from Manhattan Beach, CA. We were lucky enough to visit Matt's home and film his vast collection of fish and see how he keeps the tank's bioload in check and still manages to keep a variety of healthy corals.

Matt's 300 gallon display houses over 40 different species with a total of about 48 individual fish.

The tank also houses a variety of corals and invertebrates including anemones, an urchin, various snails and crabs as well as variety of different coral species.

The metal framed stand is skinned with an aluminum shell that is held in place with magnets for easy access to his quarantine and frag system which reside below the main display.

The main 300 gallon display is plumbed through the wall of his home into an 80 gallon sump that sits outside.

The sump holds a variety of equipment and employs pretty much all of the major nutrient export methods. Three Algae Turf Scrubbers, a Hydra Aquatics BioPellet Reactor, a Korallin Sulfur BioDenitrator, a refugium with chaetomorpha and a DIY biological filter chamber with Seachem Matrix all help to keep nitrates at bay. Being equipment gurus, it was very cool to see all of these different nitrate reduction methods in action on a single aquarium.

Matt performs a five gallon automated water change on a daily basis using the SpectraPure LiterMeter III which pulls clean water into his main display and recycles the exhausted water into his smaller frag tank and quarantine system. This helps keep the main display in pristine shape and makes it easier to maintain stable water parameters in the smaller tanks.

The homemade light rack has 3 x Radion XR30W Pro Light Fixtures and 8 x Kessil A350 and A360 lights which are attached to a pneumatic lift that allows Matt to raise and lower the entire assembly for maintenance.

For internal water flow and wavemaking Matt uses 4 x EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40 pumps, 3 x VorTech MP10 pumps and a Maxspect Gyre XF150.

The tall, intricate rock work was assembled using a combination of acrylic rods, CeramEco rock structures and 150 lbs of live rock. His aquascape sits on a substrate bed of CaribSea Oolite Sand that is 2-3" deep.

You would think a 300 gallon heavily loaded mixed reef would be enough aquarium for one person, but not for Matt! He recently built a uniquely shaped all-in-one Seahorse aquarium to keep the more delicate fish in his collection.

You can check out all of the equipment, get a full list of animals and see how Matt has such great success by visiting his Featured Tank profile of our website. If you would like to have your aquarium featured on our website and in a future Marine Depot video, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for tuning in and until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.

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