Getting new fish to eat—this is a problem many of us face on a regular basis. Due to time spent in transport and changes in environment, new fish are often stressed upon their introduction in to our aquariums and will not eat.

Fortunately, we now have a new weapon in our arsenal to entice new fish to eat. New Life International is now offering a Finicky Fish Formula. New Life International foods have long been one of my favorite foods due to the high quality of the ingredients and how my fish have responded.

This new formulation offers two improvements that are specifically beneficial to new fish or a finicky feeder. First is the higher concentrations of attractants (such as mollusk and fish oils) to make the food more scented and entice the fish to eat. The better the food smells, the more likely they will try and take a bite. Second is the increase in nutrition density over their standard formulations, which are already highly nutritional. A finicky or new fish will usually eat less food. The higher nutrition density will help to give the fish more energy and nutrition while it recovers and acclimates to its new environment.

Having just added a couple of clownfish to my aquarium, I was eager to give this new formulation a try! The Finicky Fish Formula definitely has a different scent than other New Life foods.

To train the fish to eat, I turn off the pumps then drop in 5-6 pellets 2-3 times a day. The clownfish started sampling the food after a couple of days then start to eat more and more each day. A couple of weeks later, they now feed very actively and will swim to the top of the aquarium every time I approach the aquarium with the jar of Finicky Fish Formula.

For my larger aquarium with a mix of tangs, clownfish, blennies and wrasses, they ferociously devoured this new seemingly-delicious formula. Looks like New Life International has another winner on their hands! It certainly has earned a permanent spot in my basket of fish food.

Check out the ingredients in New Life International Spectrum Finicky Fish Food on our website and, perhaps, even order a container if your fish made it onto Santa's "nice" list this holiday season!