Here is another great piece of equipment that saves me a ton of time maintaining my aquarium: the Flipper Magnetic Algae Cleaner. This magnet cleaner allows me to clean all 3 sides of my 150-gallon peninsula tank (about 14 square feet of area) in less than 3 minutes!

Flipper algae scraper in package

The best feature of the flipper is that one side has the standard cleaning pad for cleaning film algae while the other side has a scraper blade for removing coralline algae or other hard algae. With the patented “flip” mechanism, you don’t even have to reach your hand in the water to flip the magnet from one side to the other.

Flipper algae scraper comes with two blades accommodating both glass and acrylic tanks

In the past, I used an algae magnet to first clean off film algae then an algae scraper to scrape off coralline or speckle algae, which typically was a 10-15 minute job. Maneuvering the 34” scraper around my aquarium, trying to get to all the corners without knocking corals or rocks over was always a challenge.

With the Flipper magnet, everything is now so much easier and quicker. The use of rare-earth magnets allows the Flipper to work on aquariums up to a ½” thick! The package also includes 2 scraper blades: a stainless steel blade for glass aquariums and an ABS blade for acrylic aquariums. The high-quality 316 stainless steel blade has been sitting inside my aquarium for the past 8 months with zero signs of rust.

Clean glass allowing to see the corals in the tank
With the innovative design and the use of high-quality parts, the Flipper is a great algae magnet cleaner. Not only does it help to keep my glass cleaner, it also allows me to spend less time cleaning the tank and more time enjoying it!