Item Code: UZ3007
  • Size: 36" (Actual Dimensions: 35" x 13.4" x 2.1")
  • Bulbs: Six 39w T5HO (234 total watts)
  • Reflectors: Individual Parabolic silver coated 98% reflective German-made aluminum
  • Cooling: Dual 3" x 3" Fans
  • Lamp Shield: 1/8" Thick Acrylic
  • Suspension Cable: 5ft long adjustable grip-lock hanging kit
  • Mounting Screws (Not Included): 6.0mm x 1.0; 8-32" Thread Size
  • Installed Bulbs (Bulbs Sold Seperately): 4x ATI Blue Plus, 1x ATI Aquablue Special, 1x ATI Purple Plus (20,000K+ look)
  • Weight: Approximately 18lbs
  • One year manufacturer's limited warranty
Common Sizing Guideline from the Manufacturer: "Soft coral tanks up to 115 gallons, mixed reef tanks up to 95 gallons and SPS dominated tanks up to 80 gallons. Recommended Tank Depth: up to 30" with carefully planned placement of corals."
ATI logo on the right of the fixture on both sides. Depending which way you mount the fixture. My current setup I have the power cord on the right side so the heat will be exhausted on the left side.
ATI SunPower mounted on a 75g 36x24x20 aquarium with bent electrical conduit painted white. Power cord hanging down on the right side.
The grip-lock adjustable hanging kit allows you to easily adjust the height of the fixture. Keep in mind that this fixture is 18 lbs so while it may be easy to adjust with one hand, I advise to use both hands.
The fixture can be tilted forward or backwards which makes mounting and positioning very flexible depending on your tank setup. This allows you to tilt the fixture so it doesn't shine in your face when standing next to the aquarium.
The tilted position can be locked with the threaded screw at the bottom of the grip-lock adapter.
ATI includes the female threaded retainer that can be screwed into a stud or anchor. Running the cable through the male adapter, and then screwing it into the female threaded retainer makes it very simple to hang the fixture. I mounted mine through bent electrical with the male threaded adapter as my anchor.
Male threaded adapter has a small hole at the bottom. The 5ft cable with the nut is inserted through the male adapter, and then the male adapter can be screwed into the female threaded retainer. I have it mounted differently as the male adapter is used as my anchor.
Grip-lock adjustable hardware. The 5ft cable is threaded from the top to the bottom. The quick release lever is located at the top of this picture. By pressing the quick release lever, you can easily lower the fixture. When lifting the fixture, the hardware automatically locks itself into place.
The bottom screw allows you to lock the fixture in a tilted position.
Dual 3" x 3" fans help extend the life of the bulbs.
1/8" thick acrylic shield protects the bulbs from splashes and allows the fans to draw air in from one end and out the other.
Heat is exhausted at this opening. The lamps produce a good amount of heat so keep in mind which side you want the heat exhausted when mounting your fixture.
One plug controls two bulbs: Sockets 2 and 5
The other plug controls two bulbs: Sockets 1, 3, 4, and 6
All six lamps fired. ATI Blue Plus for sockets 1, 2, 5, and 6. ATI Purple Plus for socket 3, and ATI Aquablue Special for socket 4.
The manufacturer recommends positioning the label end of the bulb where the fan holes are located. The label end is where the bulbs are sealed and is generally hotter than the other end.
High quality parabolic individual reflectors wraps around the bulbs bulbs providing greater light at lower depths.
The center of the power adapter is where the fan plug is connected. On the other end of this box is the grey power cord that hangs down from the fixture.
I use this label to help remind me which plug fire which sockets. This label has less text (looks brighter), and its on the same side as my daylights plug that controls 4 sockets.
This label has the black icon which is on the same side as my actinic lighting which fires two sockets.
This fan plug and adapter is probably the worst part of this fixture. A slight bump may cause the connection to get loose and the fans lose power even when it looks plugged in. Double check to make sure the fans are working properly when working near the power supply.
European power adapter with a multi-voltage setting. Set it to 9V and you are good to go.
European to American plug adapter
Attached American plug, awkward, but it works
Two 3 prong plugs. One controls 2 sockets, and the other controls 4 sockets.
Silver colored bent aluminum that is rust proof and extremely sexy!

The ATI SunPower is a high quality fixture for being the economy model from ATI. The main differences between the SunPower and Powermodule is the housing, and the number of cooling fans. The SunPower housing is made from bent aluminum, whereas the Powermodule is a curved stainless steel housing. The SunPower also has less cooling fans per bulbs than the Powermodule, but as far as performance goes, it is not far behind the Powermodule.

The fixture itself is well constructed and feels very sturdy. The included mounting hardware is excellent for being very adjustable and easy to install.

My only gripe is the fan plug and the European power adapter. However, once its working just leave it alone and it will be fine.

The lamps are not included, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This allows the hobbyist to pick and choose different bulb combinations for their aquarium. The bulbs used in this review gave a crisp 20,000K blue look, whereas swapping out one ATI Blue Plus bulb for another ATI Aquablue Special or ATI Purple Plus would give more of a 50/50 look.

The amount of light this fixture produces is phenomenal. My entire living room brightened twice as much compared to my old metal halide setup. What sets this fixture apart from its competition is the minimal amount of light wasted since the parabolic reflectors shoots light straight down into the aquarium.

The ATI SunPower fixture is available in 4, 6 or 8 bulb setups and in the following sizes: