Just a quick update before the weekend in case any of you were wondering how Blue Life's Flatworm Control dealt with our little worm infestation.

I can say with absolute certainty that this stuff does indeed work and there hasn't been any noticeably adverse effects to any of the fish, inverts or corals in the marketing tank.

But the problem is far from solved.

Clearly there has been a reduction in the number of flatworms since we used the flatworm treatment. But there are still flatworms in the tank, especially in areas where there is less flow.

Our tank is in the office, for those of you who are just joining us, so we don't have a lot of room for equipment. Within our 24-gallon AquaPod we have a Hydor Koralia 1, Hydor Koralia Nano and Hydor FLO Deflector to produce movement within the tank, and the rock work has been epoxied together so we don't intend to move anything around.

I'm wondering though: should I try to achieve even more flow? Should I mount another Koralia Nano and point it at the rear of the tank where the flatworms seem to form a single file line up the back wall?

Perhaps dealing with flatworms is like dealing with aiptasias: an ongoing process that we'll deal with as necessitated by their presence in the tank.

Steven Pro reports in his article, "The Use, Overuse, and Abuse of Biological Controls" on Reef Hobbyists Online that "the common rust-brown flatworms are not parasitic. They don't do any direct damage to corals or fish. At worst, they are simply unattractive when their population blooms to plague-like proportions."

I think we'll try another dosage of the Blue Life's Flatworm Control next week, then heed the advice of more advanced reefers and try feeding a little less and maybe reposition our powerheads.

I don't want, as Mr. Pro so eloquently states, to "overuse and abuse" the flatworm treatment, especially if they're not doing any real harm.

Glassbox also left a couple of suggestions as comments to our last flatworm post that we're taking into consideration.

If anyone else has any feedback on the subject, feel free to share your experiences!