As if Aiptasia anemones weren't nuisance enough, now we have these little buggers to contend with.

It can be difficult to rid ones tank of flatworms. Our 24-gallon AquaPod has an infestation of your common Rust Brown Flatworm (or Convolutriloba retrogemma, for you true fish geeks out there).

I should preface that we got a Six Line Wrasse to help, but he jumped into the back of the tank and croaked before we even got a chance to put him to work. Next we thought about getting a Blue Velvet Nudibranch to eradicate the flatworms, but after the untimely death of Nudi Giuliani and then the Six Line, we thought it best to try something new.

Fortunately, Jeremy from Blue Life USA visited the office recently and dropped us off some supplies to help us remedy the problem.

He advised us to check our Phosphate level using a 2-part solution test kit from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. Heeding his instructions, we learned our Phosphate was nearly 0.0 ppm, so there was no need to use the Blue Life Phosphate Control he so generously provided us.

The box for Blue Life's Flatworm Control states that you should "add 2 drops of Flatworm Control for every 10 gallons of water."

That's where we're at as of this writing. Since flatworms can be toxic to aquarium inhabitants, we'll be performing a 25% water change once the results are visible.

I'll report back soon to let you know how everything worked out!