Uniseals are essentially bulkheads that can conform to rounded objects like buckets, trash cans, and even PVC pipe. The exclusive design allows the rubber bulkhead to create a leak proof seal without the use of any solvents or sealants. Uniseals are commonly used for saltwater mixing stations and other types of water reservoirs. Installing them requires a single (properly sized) hole and then inserting the Uniseal into the hole and then pushing the pipe into the Uniseal until the desired depth is reached. A couple of tips with Uniseals is the use a small amount of lubrication on the inside of the seal makes inserting and adjusting the pipe much easier when pushing it into the Uniseal. Also over time, the tube may move in or out of the seal, and we like to glue an elbow fitting on the pipe that sticks inside the container, ensuring the pipe cannot be pulled out over time.