Protein Skimmer Depth Is Critical.Get It Right With the Reef Octopus Adjustable Skimmer Stand

A single pump, venturi style protein skimmer relies on a constant water level to perform properly. Furthermore, the exact submersion depth dictates the back pressure on your skimmer's pump which ultimately eddddddddffects the air and water ratio getting pumped through your skimmer body. Needless to say having your skimmer mounted at the correct depth is crucial for reliable performance.

While most sumps are designed to operate with the common 6-8" water depth required by a majority of skimmers, this is not always the case. Some protein skimmers work better in a shallower depth or some sumps are designed with much deeper water chambers. The Reef Octopus Adjustable Skimmer Stand is a simple yet brilliant device that acts like a table under you skimmer and allowing you to raise or lower the entire skimmer body. This means you can now easily accommodate that required depth without having to make any modifications to your existing sump! It is made of 100% acrylic for long-lasting performance in saltwater reef tanks, uses reef safe nylon screws to lock the height in place, and features some clever rubber feat to help reduce any sort of noisy vibration.

Reef Octopus Skimmer Stand

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