Automatic water changes, for saltwater aquariums specifically, have never really been an easy task...until now.  In days past, it required an aquarium controller, multiple float switches, and a couple of pumps to accomplish such a thing which then had to be monitored closely to ensure it worked correctly alongside your ATO system.  Enter controllable dosing pumps and the task became easier because you could more precisely move the water using 1/4" water lines and peristaltic pumps but the integration, programming, and monitoring was still a challenge in many cases. 

Automated Water Changes and Freshwater Top-Off In One!

The Kamoer X2SR has completely simplified everything about setting up an automatic water change by combining both your ATO and AWC programming together and integrating overflow protections. The programming is pre-set with just a few variables that are populated by using an App that connects to the pump via Wifi. Both of the peristaltic AWC pumps are together on a single device that also powers a 24V DC top-off pump. That means one power cord is all you need to operate both the water change and auto-top-off system. 

The pumps can move the water as fast and as often as you like and the system includes four float sensors to monitor for overflows that will stop the flow of water and notify you via the app. As a user, all you need is a smartphone and a couple of reservoirs to hold your water.  The app walks you through the setup which can be tailored to meet your specific needs including both a manual and scheduled automatic water exchange.

No aquarium controller is required, no complicated code or programming, and overflow monitoring from your smartphone. 


  • High precision stepper motor
  • WiFi control via free mobile App
  • Fully customizable water change and/or top off schedule
  • Battery backup and memory settings
  • Includes float sensors and alarms for overflow prevention

Download Kamoer X2SR Operating Insructions


  • Flow: 900mL per minute +
  • Dosing Schedule: 14x per day - 1x per 99 days
  • Max Head Pressure: 32 ft
  • Interface: WiFi* App control via mobile device
  • Dimensions (including pump head): 6.61”L x 6.97”W x 8.78”H
  • Working Environment: Temp 32-158°F; Humidity 10-90%
  • Weight: 9.05lbs (not including power supply) 
  • Power Input/Output: 100V - 240V AC / DC24V 1.9A