Calcium reactors automatically maintain stable alkalinity and calcium level in a reef aquarium and will eliminate the need for daily dosing.  With the right tools, you can completely automate the reactor's operation, which ultimately provides a more stable environment for your corals. 

AquaMaxx cTech Calcium Reactors are changing the game and have built a functional platform with high-quality materials at a price that won't break the bank. You can choose from 4 different models, including a NANO model, which means you can pick a reactor that best suits your tank's needs without grossly oversizing it.

Every cTech reactor is made from cell-cast acrylic and includes a reliable Sicce brand recirculation pump. The included bubble counter, inlet filter, and pinch-valve make for easy setup alongside a pH probe port directly in the lid of the reactor for active pH monitoring and easy automation. All of the tubing connections are made using quick-disconnect fittings and thumbscrews to make for easy access inside the media chamber. 

Choosing the Right cTech Reactor

The only difference between the cTech reactors is the chamber size and appropriate recirculation pump. The larger the chamber, the more media it can hold which means the larger demand for calcium and alkalinity the reactor can handle. Technically speaking, the reactor size should be chosen based on how much calcium and alkalinity your tank consumes.

To make this easy, the reactors are rated by tank size assuming larger tanks hold more corals that consume more major elements each day. Use this maximum capacity as a guideline and understand that you can tune a reactor down via flow rate and CO2 injection rate but you cannot make it hold more media. If you're right on the edge in terms of capacity/tank size and have a heavily stocked aquarium, going larger may be the smartest choice. 


cTech Nano cTech T-1 cTech T-2 cTech T-3
  • Capacity: Up to 75 gallons
  • Pump: SICCE NANO
  • Over height: 14.2"
  • Reaction tube diameter: 3.2"
  • Chamber capacity: 0.8 L
  • Footprint: 7.1" x 6"
  • Capacity: Up to 300 gallons
  • Pump: SICCE Syncra 0.5
  • Overall height: 20.5"
  • Reaction tube diameter: 4.3"
  • Chamber capacity: 2.9 L
  • Footprint: 8.3" x 9.1"
  • Capacity: Up to 500 gallons
  • Pump: SICCE Syncra 1.5
  • Overall height: 20.5"
  • Reaction tube diameter: 6"
  • Chamber capacity: 5.5 L
  • Footprint: 10.3" x 11.1"
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 gallons
  • Pump: SICCE Syncra 2.0
  • Overall height: 20.5"
  • Reaction tube diameter: 8"
  • Chamber capacity: 9.9L
  • Footprint: 11.9" x 13.4"