New Era is a fish food producer from the UK that many of us are familiar with. All of their fish foods are made at cold temperatures using high quality ingredients. The food is soft enough to be pushed and molded into various shapes (a lot different than the hard pellets we all are used to) while at the same time holding together in water, which makes it super versatile. The pellet formula's are designed for the health of the fish and used by over 160 public aquariums around the world. Aside from the fish meal all of the ingredients in the food are human food grade, and the only reason the fish meal is not, is because they don't make human food grade fish meal (people don't eat fish meal). The diets are specialized for different types of fish using food that the fish are likely to find in their own habitat. For example, the marine algae diet uses all marine seaweeds rather then freshwater seaweeds. One of the most unique foods produced by New Era is the grazing diet. The food is produced into a ring shape and snapped onto a suction cup. The suction cup is attached to the glass and the fish can graze on it all day long. Previously the food was only available in larger pellets but they have just announced a 1mm pellet. A great choice for smaller reef fish as it isn't too large and is a fairly slowly sinking pellet. The small pellet is expected to be out in the next one to two months. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: