Reef Saver rock is by far our easiest to aquascape dry rock. Dry rock is one of the most popular options for folks looking for a quality rock that makes ultra cool aquascapes and in this case protects the natural reefs. Its price is much lower then typical wet rock as your not paying for water weight, overnight shipping, and it just costs less per pound. The shape and edge patterns of the reef saver rock make it super easy to aquascape because it looks like a reef structure rather then a pile of rocks. Using dry rock will save a ton of money but the main reason it's so popular is actually because it is pest free. There isn't any chance of parasitic isopods, predatory snails, pest anemones, flatworms, etc. The things you want in the tank, like coralline algae, can be added simply by adding something like a snail shell that has algae on it. The porous nature of the rock makes for a great home for micro fauna like Copepods, which are beneficial to the tank. Reef Saver is calcium carbonate based rock just like your typical reef aquarium rock. It is basically an ancient reef that sits in an area with a low pH aquifer that eats the holes in it and makes the super cool shapes. Curing the rock is super easy and basically the same as wet rock. 1. Place rock in a dark container (aquarium is fine so long as you leave the lights off). 2. Add heated saltwater 3. Add flow (simple powerhead). 4. Wait about a month If you want to speed up the process you can add a bacterial product like instant ocean bio-spira. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: