Vertex Aquaristik generously donated a 120 Gallon tank with stand for the lobby at We've decided to turn the tank into a clownfish harem aquarium and in this episode we are going to aquascape, install the return pump, move on to the filtration, calcium and alkalinity solution, install the controller, auto top off, lights, powerheads and battery back-ups. Aquascaping - We decided to use Pukani because it gives the bubble tip anemones the type of habitat that they prefer in an aquarium - lots of holes where they can attach their foot deep within the rock. Plus the porous nature of Pukani maximizes the surface area providing more filtration properties. The sand we chose is Original Grade Live Sand from Ocean Direct. Again, this sand contains natural bacteria from the ocean to help with cycling the tank. Filtration - Since we have the Vertex stand, tank and sump, we decided to outfit the filtration with the Vertex Omega 150, Vertex V6 pump for circulation and the Vertex RX-U 2.0 media reactor for GFO and Carbon. Automation & Monitoring - the calcium and alkalinity requirements will be pretty low as there will not be any corals in the tank, but to keep with the Vertex theme, we are going to install the Vertex Libra Doser. For auto top off, we are going to install the Tunze Osmolator (Ryan's loves this ATO and it has never failed him. :)) To help monitor and further control, we install the Apex from Neptune Systems along with a Leak Detector (just in case). Circulation - circulation can be a problem in a tank where the anemones are crawling around and can get sucked into the pumps. To keep the pumps to a minimum, we installed two MP40 pumps from EcoTech Marine along with a battery back-up. Having experience a power outage last summer - this was a must-have for this tank. Lighting - lighting the tank was a tough choice with both the Vertex Illumina and the Radion Gen3. We ultimately went with the Gen 3 from EcoTech to allow us to get more familiar with them. Right away we noticed the quiet fan, easy to use buttons and the included indigo and UV on the base model - will be perfect for this tank. Heating - Finally we chose the Neo-Therm Heaters from Cobalt Aquatics because tof the flat design and easy adjusting. Stay tuned to see how the harem tank build progresses. For all of the Clownfish Harem tank video's checkout the playlist at