Water Flow

From how to choose a powerhead to dialing in that perfect flow rate, everything you need to know about water flow in reef aquariums.
  1. Watch Video - BRStv Product Spotlight Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 Pump

    Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 Pump Produces Massive Flow In Large Reef Tanks That Need It!

    Thomas shows off Tunze's most powerful aquarium flow pump, the Turbelle Stream 3.
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  2. Watch Video BRStv Product Spotlight - Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    Is the Aqamai KPS the Most Underrated Nano Tank Powerhead? Pretty Sure We've All Overlooked It!

    Not too big and not too small, the Aqamai KPS Powerhead is the perfect water flow solution for your nano tank.
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  3. Watch Video - BRStv Setup Guide For Aqua Illumination Nero 3 and Nero 5 Powerheads

    Step-by-Step Guide to Installing and Setting up Your Aqua Illumination Nero 3 & Nero 5 Powerheads

    Learn how to setup and use your Aqua Illumination Nero 3 or Nero 5 powerhead pumps.
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  4. Watch Video - BRStv Buyer's Guide To Return Pumps

    BRStv Buyer's Guide To Choosing The Right Return Pump

    Curious about return pumps? What are other hobbyists using and why? What would Ryan choose? Get these answers and learn how to choose the perfect pump for your sump!
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  5. BRStv Product Spotlight - Tunze Nanostream 6025 Powerhead

    15 Years Later the Tunze Nanostream AC Powered Aquarium Powerheads Is Still Making Waves!

    Big flow in a little package. The Tunze Nanostream 6025 is a hard-hitting and feature-rich powerhead that will withstand the test of time in your saltwater aquarium.
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  6. Top 12 Tips For Your EcoTech Marine VorTech Pumps

    12 Helpful Tips You Might Be Missing If You Have EcoTech MP10, MP40 or MP60 VorTech Pumps

    Get some valuable tips to ensure long last performance and get the most out of your EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps.
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6040 Powerhead

    Weird Looking Little Reef Tank Powerhead With a Whole Lot of Potential! Tunze Turbelle Nanostream

    Tunze's 6040 is a CAN-DO powerhead with a very unique design that allows it to fit into tight spaces and still reach full flow potential.
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  8. BRStv Product Spotlight - Aqua Illumination Nero 3 and Nero 5 Powerheads

    AI Nero 3 & AI Nero 5 Powerheads: Little Water Rockets With a Ton of Flow and Tiny Footprint

    At the confluence of form and function, Aqua Illumination's Nero series powerheads provide the best value on the market.
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