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BRStv Buyer's Guide

  1. The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Dry Live Rock

    Ultimate Buyers Guide to Selecting The Right Dry Live Rock for Your Aquarium Aquascape

    Live rock is the very foundation your reef is built upon, naturally, you want to choose the right stuff. Learn how to buy the right live rock for your reef.
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  2. BRStv Buyer's Guide To Reverse Osmosis RO/DI Systems

    Which RODI System Is Right For Your Reef Tank? We Have The Answer! Bulk Reef Supply RODI Systems

    Learn how to choose the RIGHT reverse osmosis system based on your particular tank needs, water quality, and preferences.
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  3. BRStv Buyers Guide To Powerheads

    How to Pick the Right Aquarium Powerhead for Your Saltwater or Reef Tank. | BRStv Buying Guide

    Learn how to choose the perfect powerhead for your reef tank using these tips from the pros!
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  4. Buyer's Guide to Reef Tank LED Lighting

    Get Lighting Right the First Time. Reef Tank & Saltwater Aquarium Illumination | BRStv Buying Guide

    Learn how to make the best choice when choosing a new LED light for your reef tank.
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