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Buy your aquarium equipment with confidence using these helpful Buyer's Guides loaded with insight from industry experts.
  1. Watch Video - BRStv Buyers Guide To Aquascaping Adhesives

    BRStv Buyer's Guide To Glue, Epoxy and Mortar For Aquascaping Dry Live Rock

    Choose the right adhesive, epoxy, or mortar to build a functional and stable aquascape in your reef tank.
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  2. Watch Video - BRStv Buyer'sGuide To Korallen Zucht Additives

    The Ultimate Korallen-Zucht Guide. What These Blue Bottles Do For Your Reef Tank. KZ Zeovit & Beyond

    Debunk the mysteries of these little blue bottles using our Buyer's Guide to Korallen Zucht additives.
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  3. Watch Video - BRStv Buyers Guide To Frag Plugs

    Over 30+ Different Types of Coral Frag Plugs Out There. How Do You Know Which Type to Get?

    Purchase your frag plugs and coral mounts with confidence using the BRStv Buyer's Guide to Frag Plugs
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  4. Watch Video - Top Protein Skimmers Under $300 and up to 75 Gallons of Reef Tank - BRStv Buyer's Guide

    Top Protein Skimmers Under $300 and up to 75 Gallons of Reef Tank - BRStv Buyer's Guide

    Thomas gives us four of his favorite protein skimmer options for reef tanks up to 75 gallons that won't break the bank.
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  5. Watch Video - BRStv Buyer's Guide - Aquarium Sand

    What Type of Live or Dry Sand Do You Use for Your Saltwater Aquarium? Don't Decide Before Watching

    Get the inside scoop about purchasing live or dry sand for your reef tank.
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  6. Watch Video - BRStv Buyer's Guide To Return Pumps

    BRStv Buyer's Guide To Choosing The Right Return Pump

    Curious about return pumps? What are other hobbyists using and why? What would Ryan choose? Get these answers and learn how to choose the perfect pump for your sump!
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  7. The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Dry Live Rock

    Ultimate Buyers Guide to Selecting The Right Dry Live Rock for Your Aquarium Aquascape

    Live rock is the very foundation your reef is built upon, naturally, you want to choose the right stuff. Learn how to buy the right live rock for your reef.
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  8. BRStv Buyer's Guide To Reverse Osmosis RO/DI Systems

    Which RODI System Is Right For Your Reef Tank? We Have The Answer! Bulk Reef Supply RODI Systems

    Learn how to choose the RIGHT reverse osmosis system based on your particular tank needs, water quality, and preferences.
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