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Brightwell Aquatics Cycling Bacteria

Cycling your aquarium is the first step that every new aquarist must face, and is oftentimes one of the most overlooked.  Thankfully has created a set of 3 easy to use products to get you and your tank started.

  • Microbacter QuickCycl - Ammonia supplement designed to feed essential bacteria.
  • MicroBacter Start XLM - Bioculture filled with nigrifying bacteria designed to rapidly cycle new tanks.
  • MicroBacter CLEAN - Complex system of non-pathogenic microbes and natural enzymes, formulated to clean aquarium live rock and decorations.

BRS has also put together the Microbacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit to make so you can make sure you don’t miss anything.

*Please note that these products are for fishless cycling


Brightwell General Biofiltration

General Bio Filtration

  • MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture - A fantastic complex of aerobic and anaerobic microbes designed to establish beneficial bacteria in new systems and bolster biofiltration in established ones.
  • FaStart-M - Nutrient balance - Designed to be used in conjunction with Microbacter7, FaStart-M provides critical nutrients for microbial growth and encourages proliferation.
  • Reef BioFuel - Enhances Nutrient Uptake - Not actually bacteria, but a liquid carbon source used to feed bacteria and help in their uptake of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates.




Bightwell NeoMarine Aquarium salt

NeoMarine Salt Mix

NeoMarine is a salt blend specifically formulated to replicate the rations of every major element, as well as all non-conservative minor and trace elements present in natural sea water.  It creates a marine environment so chemically-similar to natural seawater in all important respects that aquarium inhabitants are not likely to discern any difference between water prepared with NēoMarine and filtered natural seawater from tropical reef waters.


What’s in NēoMarine:

  • Anhydrous-only forms of major elements
  • Average Mg, Ca, K, and Sr concentrations of 1,290-, 413-, 399-, and 8 ppm, respectively
  • All non-conservative minor and trace elements found in seawater
  • Sufficient salt to reconstitute purified water of the stated package volume to 1.025 g/cm3

 What’s not in NēoMarine:

  • Anti-caking agents
  • Vitamins, amino acids, and other unnecessary organic substances
  • Hydrated forms of major elements such as magnesium and calcium
  • Saltwater evaporite (e.g. dehydrated saltwater)
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphate*



Major Elements

Brightwell carries two different lines when it comes to 2-part dosing of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium.  Reef Code is a premixed, liquid, 2 part solution that comes in part A calcium and part B Alkalinity.  Reef code also comes in a dry powdered option that you can mix yourself.

Reef Code A and Reef Code B



Brightwell’s second system system is made up of Calcion, Alkalin8.3, and Magnesion.  By separating the magnesium from the alkalinity, you have a bit more control over how you can control your water chemistry when dosing.  These supplements also come in a dry for if you prefer to mix the solutions yourself.

Calcium, alakin8.3, and magnesion



Minor Elements

Outside of the big three major elements, there are a variety of other minor elements that are consumed by the livestock in your tank overtime.  Each has a different function and it is important to replenish them to maintain a balanced system.

Brightwell Aquatics Minor Elements


Trace Elements

Brightwell Trace Elements


Vitamins and Minerals

Brightwell Vitamins and Minerals


Ultra Low Nutrient Supplements

Ultra Low Nutrient Supplements

Ultra low nutrient have gotten more and more popular over the last few years.  Because bacteria consume nutrients in a balanced manner, if nitrogen isn’t present in your tank, the bacteria will not be able to efficiently process the phosphorous, and vice versa.



Brightwell Xport Biomedia

Xport is a super porous biomedia created using NanoIntelex technology to create vast amounts of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Xport comes in 3 separate product lines to harbor different types of bacteria depending on your filtration needs.  They also come in a variety of shapes to perfectly fit your tank.  Xport can also be used in combination with Microbacter7 to seed it with bacteria and jump start the microbial colonization.

Brightwell Aquatics Xport

Xport-BIO - Super porous biomedia perfect for aerobic bacteria which will breakdown ammonia and nitrite in your aquarium.


Xport-NO3 - Super porous biomedia designed to encourage growth of anaerobic bacteria that target nitrates for removal.


Xport-PO4 - Super porous biomedia designed to encourage growth of anaerobic bacteria that target phosphates for removal.


Additional Nutrient Filtration

Brightwell Aquatics Filtration

  • NeoZeo - Selective Zeolite Media - A neolithic medium that removes dissolved organic compound and passively houses beneficial microbes.  When used in conjunction with Microbacter7 and Reef Biofuel, NeoZeo establishes biological filtration to maintain an ultra low nutrient system.

Chemical Filtration and Carbon

Brightwell Chemical Filtration and Carbon

  • Carbonit-P Premium Pelletized Carbon - High quality activated carb carbon for removal of latent organic material from water with minimal impact on pH.
  • Carbonit-X3 - Next-generation Activated Carbon - Enhanced activated carbon.  Triple action removes ammonia, chloramines, and latent organic material, and then facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions.  This enhances oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) promoting water quality.
  • Purit - Chemical Filtration Media - A blend of activated carbon and NSF-grade ion-exchange and adsorptive reasons.  Removes impurities such as ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, heavy metals, and dissolved organic matter.


Food and Nutrition

Coral Food

One mistake that many beginning reefers make is not directly feeding their corals.  Although corals and other filter feeders may be able to survive off the scraps of pellet food that fish miss and other nutrients in the water, its a great idea to feed them directly as well.  Target feeding your filter feeders will ensure that they receive the proper nutrition needed to thrive in your aquarium.


ReefBlizzard - A protein and pigment rich food formulated to encourage strong growth and vibrant colors in corals, anemones, marine fish and shrimp.  It comes in a few different varieties tailored to the different types of livestock feeding needs and habits.

Brightwell Aquatics ReefBlizzard

Phytoplankton and Zooplankton - Micro organisms found in the ocean that are a staple of most filter feeders’ diets.  Blending different types and sizes will help provide a balanced diet to the suspension feeders in your tank.

Brightwell Phytoplankton and Zooplankton


General Reef Nutrition

Brightwell General Reef Nutrition

  • Reef Snow - formulated for stony corals, soft corals, gorgonians, clams, tube worms, and other suspension feeding invertebrates to deliver both organic and inorganic nutrients needed for growth of both soft tissue and the skeleton.
  • Microvore - Microdiet for Planktivorous Animals - Replicates the presence of zooplankton and other particulates in nature to properly feed suspension feeding invertebrates like corals and tube worms.  Also great for zooplankton eating fish such as anthias, baskets, cardinalfish and more.

Food Soaks

Brightwell Food Soaks

Although standard pellet, flake, or frozen food are generally all that most hobbyists feed their fish, they may not be enough individually to provide them with the balanced nutrition that they need.  Food soaks are a great way to maximize your fishes diet by providing additional nutrients that other prepared foods may be lacking.  They are also typically a great way to entice picky fish to eat new prepared foods.


Coral Dips and Medications

The only thing that can rival the excitement of adding new coral frags to your aquarium is the horror of finding out that those new corals also brought in all kinds of parasites.  Brightwell carries a variety of coral dips to prevent transferring pests into your tank from new corals or to help damaged corals heal.

Brightwell Aquatics Coral Dips

  • FragRecover Coral Dip - All natural herbal coral dip that stimulates tissue regrowth and helps prevent diseases.
  • KoralMD PRO Coral Dip - An Iodine free, professional strength coral dip and cleaner.  KoralMD Pro is fantastic for cleaning new corals and preventing transfer of unwanted substances into your tank.
  • MediCoral Coral Dip - Not a medication, but MediCoral helps gently oxidize damaged coral tissue when dipped to halt or prevent tissue degradation.


Livestock Mounts

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of the reefing hobby is watching your coral grow from a small frag into a large colony, fragging it off, and trading it for new frags.  Brightwell has created a unique type of frag plug that uses the same NanoIntelex technology that is used in their Xport biofiltration line to give these coral and clam mounts a secondary use as additional, super high surface area biofilters.

Brightwell Frag Plugs

  • HemiXSpheres Coral Frag Mounts - A half-sphere shaped mount that is conducive to growing all manner of coral.  Approximately 3” wide.
  • HeXiDiscs Coral Frag Mounts - Hexagonal shape allows for close placement of frags and is great for tanks with limited space.
  • Clam Hammock - Simplifies placement of clams and allows relocation without risk of damaging the foot of the clam


Brightwell Aquatics Maintenance