XF250 Gyre Mesh Guards - Maxspect

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Gyre Mesh Covers are designed for the Maxspect Gyre XF150 and XF250 models of powerheads.

  • Prevents snails, crabs, and anemones from entering
  • Keeps foreign object from causing damage
  • Slides directly over the rotor cages


A simple trick to keeping your Gyre pumps running longer is to use the foam prefilter pads and changing them regularly. If you have ever wanted to keep small fish, anemones, crabs, or snails, protection from spinning impellers and rotors is necessary. The XF250 mesh guards protect the intake on the rotor cage while providing unimpeded free flow out of the exhaust section of the cage.


What's Included?

2x XF250 Mesh Covers

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