Reefer XL 425 System (88 Gal) - Red Sea

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Quick Overview

Red Sea Reefer XL Tanks are drop ship items only. Due to their size, we are unable to have them on hand in our warehouse.

Drop Ship tanks can only ship to the 48 state contiguous USA.

Return pump not included - We suggest either the Sicce Syncra Silent or the Ecotech Vectra pumps.

  • Quick Overview

Red Sea Reefer XL Tanks are drop ship items only. Due to their size, we are unable to have them on hand in our warehouse.

Drop Ship tanks can only ship to the 48 state contiguous USA.

Return pump not included - We suggest either the Sicce Syncra Silent or the Ecotech Vectra pumps.

Reefer XL 425 System (88 Gal) - Red Sea

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Going from the top of the Reefer XL system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is the crystal clear glass and elegant beveled edges. The second thing you may or may not notice is the slim overflow that houses all the drain and return plumbing to keep the water a constant level within the display tank and surface skimming while being super quiet and taking up a very small amount of real estate inside of the tank. The return nozzle is fully adjustable for to direct the flow where you need it, and the dual drain system keeps overflows from happening like a single drain design may encounter. The dual drain design has one main drain that includes a diaphragm valve for easy tuning and adjustments. The other drain is completely open to flow directly down into the sump in the event that the main drain gets clogged. If plumbing is one of the reasons why you have never wanted to install a tank with a sump don’t worry as Red Sea has done all the planning for you and there is no gluing needed to assemble and seal all the plumbing.

The sump includes a filter sock holder and sock to keep large pieces of debris and detritus from clogging pumps and other pieces of equipment. The water can then flow from the filter sock into the skimmer compartment where the water will keep a steady level to aid in the best performance in your choice of skimmer or any other filtration components that you choose to include can be placed there. The water will then flow through the final bubble trap and in to the final chamber where the return pump (not included) can be placed to pump water back through the Reefer tanks return plumbing.

When water starts to evaporate all Reefer systems include an integrated top off system and reservoir that can hold a few days worth of top off water to keep the water level, salinity and flow rates consistent throughout the tank.

REEFER™ XL Series Technical Data

    REEFER™ XL Model
  Specification 425 525
Main Features Ultra clear front and side glass ✔ ✔
Ultra clear front glass thickness (mm) 12 (1/2”) 15 (5/8”)
Built in surface skimmer ✔ ✔
Integrated automatic top up system ✔ ✔
System Volumes Display tank water volume (L) 332 (88 gal) 409 (108 gal)
In cabinet sump water volume (L) 90 (24 gal) 116 (31 gal)
Total system water volume (L) 422 (112 gal) 525 (139 gal)
RO reservoir volume (L) 12 (3.2 gal) 16.5 (4.3 gal)
System Dimensions Display tank length (cm) 120 (47″) 150 (59″)
Display tank height (cm) 55 (22″) 55 (22″)
Display tank width (cm) 57.5 (22.6″) 57.5 (22.6″)
Total system height with cabinet (cm) 142 (56″) 142 (56″)
Sump Dimensions Water height (cm) 27 (10.6”) 27 (10.6”)
Skimmer chamber (cm) 49 x 34 (19.3”x13.4”) 49 x 48 (19.3”x19.3”)
Pump chamber (cm) 49 x 15 (19.3”x6”) 49 x 15 (19.3”x6”)
Return Pump 3/4” threaded hose barb – Pipe Int. Dia 25mm (1”) 25mm (1”)
Recommended flow (lph)
(pump not included)
4000 (1060 gph) 4000 (1060 gph)

Red Sea Tanks do not ship today as stated above.

Return pump not included - We suggest either the Sicce Syncra Silent line of pumps or the Ecotech Vectra pumps.


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  • Fantastic package By PR on 1/9/2017

    I had been researching a 120 gallon standard set up that I intended to DIY almost entirely from the stand to the sump. After months of planning (I had some home construction involved), I happened upon this Red Sea Reefer 425XL. Now, if you simply look at the volume, you may be mislead by this tank. The volume is only 88 gallons, but the actual footprint of the tank is much closer to a standard 120 than a 90. It is 47"x22.6"x22". So, despite "sounding" like a 90 gallon, I would really rank this more along the lines of a 120 in terms of one's ability to aquascape and stock the tank.

    With all of that realized, I found myself conflicted. I spent all of this time planning, but now there's this tank that is not only in the dimensions I want, but also includes a beautiful rimless tank and matching stand along with a glass sump. My choice was made: I ordered the Red Sea Reefer.

    ... and boy am I glad I did. This is just an unbelievable package for the money spent. You absolutely cannot find anything in this class for this price. The tank is perfect with 1/2" front and back panels and 3/8" side panels. The front glass is Starphire and is crystal clear. The glass edges are beveled and the seams are perfect. There is no sloppy silicone work here... You are getting the best of the best in terms of construction quality.

    The stand is equally nice. You do need to build it yourself, so be forewarned. I did it alone over the course of a couple hours but I'd recommend having a friend help if you can. The stand is excellent quality and the top, as well as the sump chamber, is lined with a black heavy foam to allow the tanks to "settle" and absorb vibrations. It is all well-thought out. NOTE: the design of the stand is such that the front 1/2" of the tank, or so, hangs over the edge. Do not be alarmed! This is by design. This allows for the entire front of the tank and stand to be flush when the doors are closed.

    The doors are soft-closing and easy to use. I put some magnetic child locks on mine to avoid children from getting in! It was easy, no problem there. The sump chamber is ample and fits a 24 gallon sump along with a 3.2 gallon ATO container. To the right of the sump there is a dividing wall and then a "dry" section for your storage and electronic equipment. Also, in this area, there is a large opening in the back large enough to really get in there and see/reach behind the tank if your tank is close to the wall or closed off from the sides (like mine). Unfortunately, this section does not include any shelving -- you are expected to DIY whatever it is that you want in there. It would have been nice if they had included some stock shelving options, but it's a small gripe.

    The overflow system is ample. It is a "herbie" style with a primary and emergency drain. It has a few little Red Sea touches that help keep it more silent. It has a sort of diffuser that goes around the primary pipe so that the siphon always gets even flow. There is a gate valve below to adjust the siphon which works great. When making adjustments, be sure to make small moves at a time and give the system a few minutes to settle. What you are aiming for is a water level in your overflow that *just* touches the top of the emergency drain with no more than a slight trickle going down it. If you tune it right, it's completely silent. The return nozzle outlet leaves a bit to be desired though. It is a straight pipe that has a small radius of movement but you really can't avoid ending up with a powerful stream hitting your front glass. I purchased a 3/4" set of LocLine and replaced the stock return nozzle with a LocLine Y -- it is now perfect. All you need is a 3/4" LocLine male threaded adapter -- wrap it in 10 or so wraps of teflon tape and slip fit it where the old fitting was. Works beautifully.

    The sump includes an overflow section which flows into two filter socks which then flows into a large middle section with ample room for a skimmer, refugium or both! I sectioned mine off with egg crate and put both a skimmer and fuge section in! There is a glass ATO container that fits on top of the return section and gravity feeds the return chamber via an adjustable float valve. This float valve, however, is not great. When it works, it works, but after a couple months I find that it gets clogged with salt creep every few days and I need to disconnect the tubing and blow into it to clear a path. If you are using a modern DC return pump that allows you to do a feed mode that dials down the power but doesn't back siphon into the sump, then this would be less of an issue. I am using a tried-and-true AC pump so during feed modes my sump fills up a bit and hence why my float valve experiences occasional clogging. I'll be replacing it with a Tunze Osmolator anyway and will convert the current ATO container section into a place for reactors or pumps.

    All in all, I really couldn't have asked for more here. It gives you just enough to get you started, but not so much that you feel like you aren't building the tank that you want. I still picked all of my own equipment: lights, powerheads, skimmer, return pump, heaters, etc. But I was saved the hassle of building my own stand and drilling my own tank. And my DIY stuff would have never even come close to matching the quality of this set up anyway. It was well worth the money.


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Product Questions

Hi, I am currently looking into getting a reef tank (for the first time). My questions are what is the difference between the Red Sea reefer 350 and the 425xl? Is it just the 2.6" width and larger sump and is it worth the extra money? Two, how would this ship or any other ship to my home? Would it just be delivered to my door step? I imaging these boxes are extremely heavy. Thanks for any input!
Question by: William Tew on May 24, 2016 8:49:00 PM
Great question!
The only difference is the size of the tanks and sumps. The Tanks are a drop ship item which is sent from the manufacturer on a truck to your door step. You will need assistance bringing the tank into your home. All other orders are standard shipping via UPS or USPS. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on May 25, 2016 4:32:00 PM