Live Coral At Bulk Reef Supply

We’re committed to delivering the best possible coral buying experience for you, so we have hand-picked coral vendors we personally use and trust. There are many different choices of coral retailers out there, but the vendors we have partnered with astonished us with the health and quality of their corals, the class of their facilities they operate within, and their commitment to service. Between our trusted vendors and our hassle-free 3-Day Arrive Alive Guarantee, you can buy coral from us with complete confidence.

Shipping Coral

Coral packages are shipped directly from the coral vendor to your door, ensuring no additional stress, tank transitions, or transit time beyond what is necessary. Vendors will ship the corals on Tuesday for a delivery date on Wednesday1. At this time we are unable to hold coral orders or change the shipping and delivery dates. At this time we are only able to ship live coral to the contiguous 48 USA.

Arrive Alive Guarantee

Bulk Reef Supply 3-Day Alive Arrive Guarantee

Any coral or livestock purchase from BulkReefSupply.com is 100% guaranteed for 72-hours after delivery to survive. Each purchase comes with a commitment from the BRS team and our trusted livestock vendors for the health of your animals and the satisfaction of your order. No hassles, just contact us and provide us with a photo of the coral within 72 hours after delivery.

Shipping coral has become very reliable but once in a while an issue can arise and to help minimize negative outcomes, we highly suggest being present at the delivery address to accept delivery in person or to use a holding center where it can be kept in a climate-controlled environment and not exposed to rain or excessive temperature changes. Every vendor has different acclimation instructions and we highly suggest following their instructions for the best results.

Had an issue? - Contact support@bulkreefsupply.com

If you ever have an issue with a coral shipment just send us a clear picture of the deceased specimen within 72 hours of the delivery date & time posted by the shipping provider. Do not dispose of any items until instructed to do so as further pictures may be required. Failing to follow the requirements below will void the 3-Day Alive Arrive Guarantee.

For the guarantee to apply we do have the following conditions:

  • The coral must not be removed from the plug/disk/tile.
  • Discarding or returning the shipment of any specimen without BRS or Vendor authorization.
  • Refusing the shipment/delivery (if the box is leaking or damaged in any way, accept the shipment and let us know).
  • We must be notified of any issue within 72-hours of the timestamp on the delivery with clear photos2.

Refunds will be credited to your BRS Rewards Points account and eligible for 1-year. Coral packages and discounted corals will be credited for the amount paid, not the items original price. In the instance pieces of a package have perished, the packages total price will be divided by the number of pieces to obtain the corals refund value. Any shipping or handling charges are not refundable.

2Photos must include the entire coral and in focus. We do not really care if it is in the bag or out, but we will need to be able to identify the coral which may require additional photos so please do not discard any packaging or specimen until instructed to do so.

Shipping Weather Delays

1It is not common but in some extreme temperatures or severe weather, shipment of your order may be delayed for the health and safety of your corals. The vendors hold the right to delay shipment if they feel the livestock would not survive the trip. Weather delays can include rain and snowstorms, extreme temperatures, or any other natural occurrence that would result in a delivery delay or loss of livestock. In the event of a weather-related delay, your order will be shipped the next available day.

Order Cancellations & Returns

Once an order is submitted to the vendor, we are unable to cancel the order. In most cases, this happens within 30 minutes of when the order is placed through an automated system. This helps us ensure that every order is received by the vendor and shipped in a timely matter. We do not accept returns on livestock, and if you ever have any issues with your purchase, please contact us right away.