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Saltwater Aquariums that thrive will have a healthy population of copepods, among other microscopic critters like phytoplankton. Copepods are a great source of food for your fish, but also are the unsung hero of any reef tank clean-up-crew cause they naturally eat detritus and other waste. Copepods or Pods, will naturally find refuge in your live rock or porous structures but can also thrive in a refugium setting where there are no predators.

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  1. 16oz EcoPods (4 Pack) - AlgaeBarn
    16oz EcoPods (4 Pack) - AlgaeBarn

    Earn 495 Reward Points Earn 1,485 Reward Points

  2. 16oz Live Phytoplankton - 2 Pack - Tommys Phyto
    Tommy's Phyto
    16oz Live Phytoplankton - 2 Pack - Tommys Phyto

    Earn 105 Reward Points Earn 315 Reward Points

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