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INFINIA 150.4 Aquarium System (106 Gallons) - Waterbox

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Black INFINIA Reef 150.4 Aquarium System (106 Gallons) - Waterbox

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White INFINIA Reef 150.4 Aquarium System (106 Gallons) - Waterbox

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Waterbox's Most Dynamic Aquarium

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 48.2" x 25.3" x 21.7"
  • Height with Cabinet: 58.2"
  • Display Volume: 105.5 gal
  • Total Volume: 152.5 gals
  • Glass Thickness: 12 mm (1/2")
  • Includes: Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump, Plumbing Kit, Filter Socks, Sock Silencers


Do more with your aquarium than ever before with the Waterbox INFINIA Series. With dimensions designed with aquascaping in mind, the INFINIA provides the ideal length and depth for optimal rock placement, so you can create the reefscape of your dreams. Waterbox also takes the guesswork out of plumbing by providing a quick, ready-to-assemble kit with everything you need to plumb your system in mere minutes. The included glass sump filtration system comes standard with refugium, skimmer, pump, and RO chambers, as well as filter socks and silencers. Finally, the INFINIA aquariums are paired with fully water-resistant MarineShield cabinet stands. With such advances in both form and function, the INFINIA aquariums are built for lasting impressions.


Stunning Glass Display Aquariums

All Waterbox aquariums feature ultra-clear, low-iron glass that lets you see your fish and corals more clearly. Waterbox aquarium glass will allow more than 91% of light through. The increased light transfusion leads to more brilliant colors and an overall better-looking tank.

The INFINIA series also uses high-strength black silicone to provide clean lines and longevity. A pre-glued self-leveling mat is also included to minimize the effects of uneven surfaces or pressure points.


Reef-Ready Sump System

The INFINIA series comes complete with a glass sump filtration system thoughtfully designed for your needs. The baffled sump includes chambers for filter socks, a movable refugium baffle, protein skimmer chamber, and a return pump chamber. Filter socks and silencers are included to help polish your water from any free-floating particles, leading to longer pump life and cleaner water. The included RO/DI reservoir is perfect for holding freshwater for top offs to replace evaporated water in your aquarium. Just add your favorite ATO system for days of hassle-free evaporation management!


Ready-to-Assemble Plumbing

Plumb your new tank in minutes with the included quick-connect PVC plumbing. Waterbox plumbing is made up of a mixture of rigid PVC, unions, and valves to give you a silent system, while also remaining safe from overflows and leaks. The pre-built sections make connecting everything super simple-- no plumbing knowledge required! The INFINIA series even includes a check valve to eliminate back-siphoning in the event of a power failure, as well as a manifold to hook up additional reactors or equipment.


MarineShield Cabinet (Black or White)

Each INFINIA aquarium is paired with an anti-corrosion aluminum cabinet stand with leveling feet for ultimate stability. The strong aluminum alloy brace and fully water-resistant aluminum composite panels combine to form one of the most stable platforms in the industry.



System Specifications

  • Total Height (with cabinet): 58.2"
  • Total System Volume: 152.5 Gallons

Display Tank

  • Dimensions: 48.2"L x 25.3"W x 21.7"H
  • Glass Thickness: 12mm (1/2")
  • Aquarium Volume: 105.5 Gallons
  • Glass Type: 91% Transmittance Low Iron (front and sides)


  • Dimensions: 34"L x 18.7"W x 15"H
  • Sump Volume: 38.3 Gallons
  • Glass Thickness: 8mm (5/16")
  • Skimmer Chamber (no refugium): 17.4" × 15.8"
  • Skimmer Chamber (w/ refugium): 10.1" × 15.8" or 11.7" × 15.8"
  • Refugium Chamber: 5.5" × 15.8" or 7.1" × 15.8"
  • Pump Chamber: 5.3" × 15.8"
  • ATO Reservoir: 8" × 18.7" × 15"
  • ATO Reservoir Volume: 8.7 Gallons


  • Main Drain: DN32 (40mm/1-1/2")
  • Emergency Overflow: DN32 (40mm/1-1/2")
  • Pump Return: DN25 (32mm/1-1/4")
  • Nozzles: 2x DN20 (25mm/1")
  • Filter Socks: 2x 7"


  • Cabinet Model: MSII 4825
  • Dimensions:48.2" × 25.3" × 36.5"
  • Sump Compartment Inner Dimensions: 43" × 22.5" × 33.4"
  • Material: Anti-corrosion aluminum alloy frame, 18mm coated plywood doors, and water-resistant aluminum composite side panels



What's Included?

1x Infinia 150.4 Aquarium

1x Infinia 150.4 MarineShield Cabinet Stand

1x Glass Baffled Sump System

1x ATO Reservoir

2x 7" Filter Socks & Silencers

1x Plumbing Kit

1x Dual Manifold

2x Return Nozzles

1x Overflow Box w/ Cover


More Information
Aquarium Size 100 - 150 Gallons
Aquarium Type Rectangle (Traditional)
Total Volume 165.9 gallons
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