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Vertex I-Supra C+ Sumps are drop ship items only.

Vertex is a firm believer that your filtration system should look just as good as your tank and with this all-inclusive sump they hit the nail on the head. At first glance it may look like any ordinary sump with nice equipment but the I-Supra C+ sumps are anything but ordinary.

If you are one of those reefers that is a bit OCD over your equipment and how it looks, this is the sump for you. From cable management from the return pump power cord to the delicate probe and float switch cables they are all neatly arranged to keep your eyes on the equipment and not a birds nest of cables that is all too common in this hobby. With all the necessary plumbing we have yet to find a sump system that is this feature rich and unique.


I-Supra C+ 180i Filtration Capacity

Heavy Bioload - 90 Gallons

Light Bioload - 220 Gallons


What is Included?

  • I-Supra C+ Sump
  • Omega 180i
  • Rx-U+ 2.0 universal Media Reactor
  • V 3.5 Pump / F≤3500LPH: Return Pump
  • Eheim C1000 pump: Drain Pump for skimmer compartment
  • 4” Filter Sock
  • Rigid PE under-mat
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps*
  • Silicone Hose for 25mm and 40mm Pipe coupling*
  • Additional Red PVC Pipes for assembly to System – ~6.5’ per size*
  • Additional Elbows, Tees, Unions, True Union Valves*
  • Exclusive access to the I-Supra Virtual Club


Vertex I-Supra C+ Sumps are dropped shipped directly from the manufacturer. Due to their size we are unable to have them on hand in our warehouse. Drop ship items do not ship today as indicated above, however the order with the manufacturer will be placed within one business day of receiving your order. Shipments from the manufacturer can range in time from 1 day to 6 weeks depending the destination distance from the manufacturer. I-Supra Sumps are only available to be shipped to the 48 state contiguous USA


A Filtration System for the OCD Reefer


The I-Supra C+ sump comes with practically everything you will need to get your tank up and running with a first class sump and equipment. The sumps front viewing window is made out of crystal clear acrylic with all other parts like baffles and bracing being a brilliant bright white allowing easy visibility and giving a super clean appeal. With Vertex’s signature red plumbing accenting the sump, everyone will drool over this sump when they see it in person.


With a pre-designed sump like the supra every piece of equipment has been meticulously picked and placed for proper operation and functionality so no matter what your tank size or needs are, the I-Supra sump can be the perfect sump for you. Many of the  little one of a kind accessories from electrical cord routing tubes, dosing tubes, probe holds, float switch holders, dedicated water change pump, skimmate drain port, adjustable baffles can only be found on the Vertex I-Supra C+ line of sumps. There is even a dedicated pump for water changes that is milled into the base of the sump and can be hard plumbed to a drain, to get every piece of detritus out of your sump when doing water changes or general maintenance.


The I-Supra filter system starts with a filter sock on the main drain coming out of your aquarium keeping all the large particles from clogging pumps and other items. Water will then be able to transfer over the first baffle allowing a majority if any air bubbles to disperse and then flowing into the main chamber housing the skimmer, and Rx-U 2.0 media reactor to polish and refine the water with a media of your choice before it flows under and then over an adjustable baffle removing any lingering micro bubbles and allowing water to flow into return chamber. The return chamber houses the mighty powerful Vertex V-3.5 pump to push the water back into the aquarium and recirculate a very small amount back to the media reactor.


The intake to the V-3.5 return pump can by bypassed to pull water from the first chamber completely bypassing the middle chamber for maintenance and cleaning. With the bypass any stirred up detritus can be removed with the included Eheim C1000 water change pump before flowing water through the entire system again.


All you need will need to get this sump up and running are bulkheads coming out of your aquarium, and the media for the media reactor, along with a couple free electrical outlets and you will be filtering your aquarium water with some of the best filtration components on the market today.



Sump Only - (L) 31.5" x (W) 19.75" x (H) 19"

With Skimmer - (L) 31.5" x (W) 19.75" x (H) 24"



  • Bottom: 15mm HD white PVC stock
  • Front: 10mm Transparent PMMA Cast stock
  • Sides: 10mm HD white PVC stock
  • Fully Welded Seams
  • PN-16 PVC-U Fittings
  • Grade II Titanium Fasteners – Corrosion Resistant
  • Braced PVC Top


Plumbing Info

The I-Supra Sump can be ran with either the included metric plumbing or adapted over to standard US plumbing. They do include adapters that can be converted by simply swapping out the end piece to the unions. BulkReefSupply.com does carry Metric to Standard adapters if you need to adapt your bulkheads to a metric sizing.

Drains: 40 mm or 1 1/4" PVC

Returns: 25 mm or 3/4" PVC



24 months warranty from date of purchase with proof of purchase: Vertex I-Supra C+ sumps are covered under a limited 24 months manufacturer warranty. All parts have been examined and tested with great care to ensure a higher level of Quality standards. That being said and although the used materials are saltwater and ozone safe, it would be impossible to guarantee the stock material against discoloration of materials or crazing of the Acrylic. Saltwater is an extremely corrosive medium, equally so most of the other chemicals used in a reef tank. While the material will be able to withstand the high corrosion index of the content, certain discoloration or crazing can occur. This is a nonperformance related issue and not covered under warranty. Use of Ozone will intensify this effect and reduces the life time of the product.


Note: Pictured with Rx-Z+ 2.0 Zeolite Reactor which is sold separately.


*Although Vertex has tried their best to account for different plumbing possibilities, no guarantees can be made as if any extra fittings or plumbing parts would be required to accomplish a given custom set up.

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Product Questions

Can this sump be used with a dual corner-flow reef ready tank?

It looks like it only has one inlet with one filter sock.
Question by: G.B. on Apr 5, 2016, 4:30 PM
Great question!
This sump will have 2 drain lines. One for the main drain (through the sock) and one through the emergency drain line. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor on Apr 8, 2016, 3:09 PM